7 top beauty remedies to remove dark circles

Your eyes can reveal a lot about your age and how well (or how badly) you’ve been taking care of your skin throughout the years. Although there are a number of factors that contribute to the appearance of dark circles, over time, no matter how well you take care of your skin and your body, dark circles can show because of ageing.There are several methods that you can try to help damaged eye skin recover as well as prevent further damage.

Bid dark circles goodbye

Stress, poor diet, lack of proper circulation due to lack of exercise, and harsh ingredients in your eye products are just some of the top reasons why you are seeing a dark halo on your delicate eye skin. Busted arteries and stuck fluids can make dark circles an even tougher ordeal to deal with. Reversing poor lifestyle choices can help do the trick but, to see lighter and brighter eye skin sooner, there are skin care remedies that you can try too.

Don’t just stand there and stare at your less than stellar eye skin! Do something about your eye skin concern using the 7 remedies for dark circles detailed below:

Remedy No. 1: soak with cucumber slices

Cut two slices of cucumber. Leave in the fridge for about five to 10 minutes. Place a slice on each eye over freshly cleansed and toned skin. Relax and wait until the coldness of both dissipates before removing from your skin. No need to wash your face again. The coldness of the cucumber helps relieve tired veins and eye muscles thus, improving blood and oxygen circulation while also promoting improved fluid drainage. Cucumbers are also made up mostly of water that your skin can easily absorb, giving your skin an instantly moisturised feeling.

Remedy No. 2: lemon juice soak

Combine the juice of a lemon and an essential oil or, simply with lukewarm water. You can decide on the quantity as these solutions can be kept for up to two weeks of use if stored in an opaque and airtight bottle. Soak two facial cotton pads and leave on both eyes to allow your delicate skin to absorb the moisture as well as to soak in the natural astringent properties of lemon. Remember never to use concentrated lemon juice on the skin as this can cause your skin to burn.

Remedy No. 3: ice mask

This easy, effective remedy seems to have been mostly forgotten recently though it remains one of the best ways to solve dark circles. Cold therapy promotes enhanced circulation that brings more nutrients to your eye area, permitting skin healing to happen at much faster rates.

Remedy No. 4: tomatoes

Like lemons, tomatoes have natural astringent and skin toning properties that help lighten hyper-pigmented areas of your skin. Also like cucumbers, it soaks your skin in deep penetrating moisture which helps improve skin healing and recovery from damage. To use, mash the freshest, ripest tomatoes that you can find. Soak in rice paper or a soft washcloth and use as a face mask. You may also make a toner out of its juice. Store in an airtight bottle and keep inside the fridge. Use your tomato toner every day and every night.

Remedy No. 5: rose water

Many times, dark circles are caused by allergic reactions either to the environment or to the products in your skin care regimen. Some people have chronically irritated and extremely sensitive skin types that cause dark circles and reddened skin patches to show up. To relieve these causes, including special skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema, use rose water. If not, rose oil or rose hip extract will work just as well. Rose has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help calm chronically irritated skin. Use as a toner or, wash your face day and night with it. Soon enough, you will see more evenly toned skin and a radiant complexion.

Remedy No. 6: cleanse with carbonated water

Carbonated water delivers two benefits for your skin. First, it helps you get rid of hardened dead skin stuck on the surface. Once this is eliminated, new skin can surface and your products will become better absorbed, intensifying treatment potency. Second, it helps deliver added moisture and air to your skin. These, in turn, help improve circulation. No need to rinse your face or, to wash it again with water and your favourite facial cleanser.

Remedy No. 7: sleep and relaxation

Other than old age, chronic lack of sufficient sleep and continuous stress take a toll on your body, including the delicate skin around your eyes. Resting your eyes alone can help prevent and heal busted veins and leaked fluids that cause your eye area to darken. To improve the quality of your sleep, try the following tips:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Turn off all of your devices or, put these in silent mode.
  • Stop watching television.
  • Drink a glass of red wine.
  • Take a warm soak in the tub and even add essential oils to help you relax.
  • Listen to soft music.
  • Dim your lights or, switch off everything.
  • On days when you don’t need to get up early, pull heavy curtains to set you up for an even deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

Other ways to lighten dark circles

Top off the 7 remedies enumerated above with other ways of preventing and treating dark circles, as follows:

  • Use sunscreen regularly.
  • Eliminate eye products with harsh ingredients from your regimen.
  • Exfoliate regularly — both DIY and occasional professional exfoliation will help lighten your darkened eye skin
  • Use an eye serum or eye cream infused with skin lightening ingredients
  • Use makeup to cover and conceal dark circles while your skin heals


Dark circles are a skin reality that you will have to contend it sooner than later. If it isn’t already giving your skin a hard time, make sure to still take extra steps to prevent it. However, although prevention leads to better results, know that there are remedies within your means to help your skin heal and recover from dark circles. If you do all the right things, you will keep looking and feeling great for a long time.

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