3 Major points that’ll help you to install a good gutter

Gutters are the most vital protections of your home against the harsh elements like rain, snow, etc. It is the functional component that prevents water damage, especially to your home’s foundation. Therefore, it is essential to install gutter and select the best gutter material, type, and installation company to protect your home and ensure the integrity for years to come.

Typically, gutters get damaged due to the wrong material used, type selected, and poor installation. And of course, we need to check and maintain our gutters regularly. So, have a look at these three aspects, one by one, and then make an informed decision regarding the gutter placement project.

  1. Types of gutter materials:

If you’re building a new home or planning to replace the gutter system, then do take a sneak peek at the list of common gutter materials.

  • Vinyl gutters:

They quickly attract homeowners because of their ease of installation. With this material, you don’t need to bother about rusting and corrosion; also, they are quite affordable. Additionally, you can install them by yourself as they are light in weight and easily snap together.

When talking about its cons, poor installation of these gutters can get them brittle and crack over time in extreme cold. All in all, this is the best solution if you’re in search of a new one with tight budgets.

  • Aluminium gutters:

They are like Vinyl gutters – rust-proof, lightweight, and comparatively easy to place. They can withstand cold weather too. Adding to the fact, they hold paint well, so you can customize using any color paint you wish. And they’ll last for at least 30 years with maintenance. Regular gutter cleaning is important for the maintenance of its material.

The only negative marking many homeowners give to this material is they aren’t structurally strong in comparison to other materials. They can dent, occur mishaps when ladders (or similar to it things) are placed poorly on them. But you can alleviate this risk by purchasing primary aluminium instead of the secondary one.

  • Copper gutters:

Homeowners adore these copper gutters as they are elegant, durable, and low maintenance. They are a bit more decorative than aluminium material. You can fit them at your home without expanding joints or other alterations as they are flexible and eco-friendly. The best part of this material is they neither rust like aluminium nor crack nor tear out that faster. If you maintain it properly, then it can last up to 50 years without any repair or replacement.

The only drawback of this material is its price; they are too costly. It costs more than half of what aluminium material cost.

  • Stainless steel gutters:

Next on the list of gutter materials is stainless steel; they are pretty, won’t rust, and shine at your home for years. It’s known as the sturdiest materials in the industry, as they are practically durable.

They are like all-in-one-package; once installed, you don’t need to look back for years. The only barrier to purchase them is you need to spend a fortune. But if there is any contest of the most expensive material of gutters, then undoubtedly, copper would be the clear winner.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful looks or the highest savings, above are some materials that will fulfill your needs. Besides materials, you also need to think about which type of gutter you’d like to build at your home. In many cases, the style of your roof will determine which gutter type will suit your home. However, here are the three types with its benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Types of gutter systems:

  • Fascia gutters:

You’ll find this gutter type in a wide range of profiles. Also known as waves gutters, they are shaped as O-Gee, Square line, and Round line. This type joins the drains with the fascia (a horizontal board), flowing under the edge of your roof. You will find them fixed to the outer part of the fascia, and due to this, anyone can easily spot it from the ground.

If you choose this type of gutter, then you will be able to lessen the chance of back-flow to your roof. The only thing you need to make sure of is the regular cleaning of the gutter to ensure proper water flow.

  • Concealed gutters:

You will typically see this type of gutters in older homes, and you may find it as less popular and quite problematic. On top of that, they are hidden and installed behind the fascia, not over or above it. That means no one can’t see the metal guttering from the ground.

It is majorly used in commercial premises also which helps the shop owners to mount their shop signs, billboards, etc.  As this gutter type is hidden, they allow all these things to be prominent from the roads. But they are prone to water pooling and collecting, which can corrode or damage the material internally.

  • Box gutters:

In the last 20 years, this design has become very popular as they are also not visible from the ground. They are usually square and placed near the edge of the roof. From commercial buildings to residential, all are using box gutter installations.

They too have a drawback. And that is they are most prone to overflow issues. This problem can destruct your roof directly and can cause some serious damage. But if you maintain it properly, then you can avoid facing this issue.

Above were the three ways to install gutter systems on your roof. Well, by this time, you must have figured it out which gutter material and type you’d choose for your home. But you also need to educate yourself about this process to increase the longevity of your gutter system. Here are some vital questions which you should ask your gutter installer.

  1. Essential questions to ask a gutter installer:

  • How much time will it take to finish the job?

Generally, it takes two days if you’re replacing gutters. One day to remove the existing system and another to install a new one.

  • Do you provide seamless gutters?

They are ideal for avoiding the peril of leaks as installers connect them from corners to corners.

  • Are your all workers insured?

Whichever company you choose, ensure that their workers are insured. Additionally, ask them to provide you proper documentation as proof.

  • How’s the company’s reputation with BBB (Better Business Bureau)?

You can check the reputation of the company by visiting the BBB website to know their professionalism and reliability.

  • Do you offer any guarantee?

Ask whether or not they offer a guarantee regarding their quality of work. It will provide you peace of mind as you deserve to get value for your bucks spent.


In arguably, gutters are essential to keep your home shielded all day long. Well, we’re sure the above information would give you an idea of installing gutter system for your home. It will not only prevent your home from any damage but also render the best bang for your buck.

Furthermore, you must gain knowledge on how to fix damaged gutters. It could be handy in case you need some repair work down the road.

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