You can experience watching Joker with a live orchestra

Joker – Live in Concert will give audiences a chance to have a moviegoing experience like no other. The world concert tour will kick off in the United Kingdom where fans and first-time viewers can watch the Oscar-nominated film with a full orchestra playing the original motion picture score.

On April 30, the slate of concerts will commence in London’s Eventim Apollo. It will proceed to tour various locations in the United Kingdom in July. The live concert experience will then expand to play other European countries and more international locations with tour dates and venues gearing to be announced.

This signifies that Joker’s successful run will go beyond the box office and the awards season. The critically acclaimed film has raked in over USD1 billion dollars in global box office revenue. Major awards gave the film the recognition its due with the Academy Awards sending 11 nominations its way.

Hildur Guðnadóttir, the motion picture composer, released a statement regarding the exciting news telling Deadline:

“I’m thrilled to get to see and hear Joker in the cinema with a live orchestra. When we recorded the music, the orchestra brought such depth and detailed attention to the performances that we were all literally holding our breaths during most of the recording sessions.”

She also expressed her bliss in the thought of a live audience experiencing the same.

Joker director Todd Phillips echoed Guðnadóttir’s remarks adding that the live concert will give audiences a chance to hear her “haunting and immersive score”.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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