Woof woof! Here’s all you need to know about spoodles for sale

Everyone’s favourite kind of pet is one that can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. They are known as the socialites of all other dogs, able to interact with other humans which is why they are the perfect animal to have for your family. Spoodles for sale are the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a companion. A combination between a Toy Poodle or English Cocker Spaniel, making it a good marriage of intelligence and sociability. If you’re looking for a dog that can do it all, look no further. They are chocked full of tricks and are lively as can be which will make them great for the kids or to entertain your guests. Here’s the low down on these spoodles for sale.

What to expect with these spoodles for sale?

Spoodles for sale are otherwise referred to as the cockapoo due to its mix of the English Cocker Spaniel and Toy Poodle breeds. Originating from Germany, these dogs original breeds were based on the word ‘Pudle’ meaning to shed. Spoodles for sale are the perfect domestic animal that the whole family can enjoy. They are full of energy, making them more than capable of having a fun walk or kick around in the park.

These dogs are not one for silence and will proudly let their hearts sing, barking around to anything they see. Despite the name, spoodles for sale do not shed much however consistent grooming is required in order to ensure the coat is at its best quality as much as possible. This includes weekly hair brushing, teeth brushing and cleaning eyes on the daily. It is also highly important to do vet check ups twice a year in order to see how its going healthwise for the dog. These pets are susceptible to getting dislocating knee caps, dysplasia in the hip, eye problems, and skin issues.

Spoodles for sale facts

Spoodles for sale

What are their size?

Spoodles for sale are a tiny breed which are on average 25 to 38 centimetres in height when standing. They also are 5 to 15 kilograms in weight depending on age, diet, and other lifestyle factors.

What is the energy like for these puppies?

These dogs are high-energy pets meaning they require daily exercise in order to stay active. They require lots of games, walks, and runs in order to maintain their weight and liveliness. You could say they are the Olympians for dogs as they need to be on the move throughout the day so they are healthy and happy. As they are smart and are a crowd pleaser, this make it easy to take them out.

How are their social skills?

Spoodles for sale are the perfect addition to a household as they are sociable and lovely to be around. They are happy to make new friends, even cats if they are interacting with other pets right from their birth. They do not require too much company however are most happiest doing activities with their family.

What is their grooming like?

Because they do not shed, there is not too much maintenance required. However, some care is still needed to keep these spoodles for sale in good shape. This requires weekly hair brushing, daily ear and eye check up, brushing teeth everyday and coat clipping every 2nd month.

Spoodles for sale are the perfect pup to call your own. From their sociability, intelligence, right up to their adorable stature, you can’t resist!

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