10 dog walking tips every pet parent must know about

Dog walking is an integral part of your canine training program. Some pet owners believe that you must walk your dog at least once daily, while some agree on 2 walks per day for at least 15 minutes. Almost every pet owner knows the benefits of dog walking in the long run. But, if you have recently become a pet parent, there’s a lot to understand about dog walking & training.

Dog walking is a good stress buster and happiness generator for you and your canine. However, 20% of the pet owners do not walk their pet daily as it might enable them to escape.

Yes, we agree to that. Canines are intelligent, loyal, and can wander off to explore the world when they get a chance. But it doesn’t mean that we do not allow them to learn about the new environment. It is the prime responsibility of the owner to let your dog explore the neighbourhood under your supervision. For that, consider walking your dog on a dog leash, as it’s the foundation for dog training.

Taking your dog on a stroll in the neighbourhood is an excellent way for both your dog and you to culture your daily exercise routine. Not only does your dog deserve a potty break, but it also helps increase physical and mental stimulation. Your canine becomes more familiar with the neighbourhood and how to interact with people and other pets.

Walking your dog to new areas also helps physically by eliminating the chances of hip dysplasia & several spinal disorders. Mentally, sniffing out new doors helps increase their ability to detect complexities.

Most people think that walking a dog is a piece of cake. It is not. Many dogs, especially puppies, require a lot of training before the tiny paws take well on the lead.

Here are the 10 best dog walking tips that every pet parent must know- 

Choose the right leash

The first to hit our list involves the foundation step of dog training- choosing the right leash for your dog. If you are a new pet parent, understand that you need a leash to control them. Your dog might constantly pull on the leash; use a front clip harness as it help pulls them back to you. Never use a choke chain or prong collars, as they can hurt your pet. 

Leather and nylon rope leashes with a short lead are better for long walks. Many people use extendable leads for your dog to roam while keeping control. It is not a good investment if your dog pulls a lot; also, using it in crowded places can hurt other people and your pet.

You can buy the best dog accessories from the online pet shop Australia or globally using the internet.

Give plenty of time.

Taking your dog is not just an exercise or a potty break; it also builds a bond between you and your canine. It should not be just a 10-minute tour; instead, you should explore new areas and let your dog sniff out new odors for better stimulation.

You can figure out what are the appropriate areas for a walk and loosen your dog’s leash for a few minutes to take in different smells. You can also train your dog to use commands like ‘Go Smell’ or ‘Let’s Walk’ to understand better when to smell or when the sniffing time is over.

Scoop the poop

It might sound creepy as no one likes to do it, but it is a good habit and makes you a responsible pet parent. It helps you keep the neighborhood tidy and creates a pleasant environment for your pet and other pet’s health. Pet waste contains harmful organisms like roundworms, salmonella, hookworms, and more that can cause direct harm to pets and humans. 

If you do not clean pet poop, it can make its way to the water supply contaminating it for everyone. Always carry enough poo bags to eliminate the hazards and keep a tidy neighborhood.

Always carry water

Dog walking is an exercise for you and your canine. Your dog will get thirsty while walking, so it’s necessary to carry enough water for both of you and your pet. You do not get a water supply everywhere, and even if you do, you cannot feed him the water available on the roadside as it may affect your pet’s health. 

Canines can become dehydrated quickly through panting during the walks, and you must carry water with you. You can purchase collapsible bowls from online pet stores in Australia or worldwide using the internet.

Proper identification is a must

Every time you’re out with your furry friend, ensure that they are wearing their ID tags. If your dog involves rough pulling, there might be chances of leashes slipping away. Nobody wants to lose their furry friend, so make sure that your pet has its ID on the collar. 

It would be great if your canine is microchipped, or you can also purchase a GPS-enabled dog collar to track him down if ever lost. Try buying the dog collars from the best pet stores in Australia, or you can go online for doorstep delivery.

Bring high-value treats

If you are beginning with your dog’s leash training, make sure you bring treats that they love. No matter what area/place you choose, your pet will constantly get distracted by the tiniest things. To keep your dog’s attention to training or yourself, carry your pet’s favorite treats.

Reward a treat only when he is showing good behaviour. Playing with them, petting them, and encouraging runs deserve a treat reward. Ensure that your dog does not get the habit of walking out just because of treats; it can ruin your training process.

Watch out for hot pavements during summers.

Dogs may react to extreme hot or cold temperatures, but being responsible pet parents is our responsibility to take care of our pet’s well-being. During summers, watch out for the hot pavements. Place your hand for 5 seconds or go barefoot; if it makes you uncomfortable, it can also cause severe injuries to your pet’s paws. 

In summers, you can walk in the grass or set up a routine for morning walks when it is not so hot. Additionally, most dogs like morning walk as they are not very active after waking and need to conduct their business.

Wear reflective gear for evening walks

Evening walks are great as it’s neither hot nor cold, but it comes with its own risks. Walk on the sidewalks with a short leash and make sure that your furry friend is wearing reflective gear enabling people to identify him on the road. 

Wearing reflective clothing increases the safety of your pet by avoiding any potential hazard for him. You can purchase the best gear for your pet from the pet accessories store in Australia.

Health and safety

While walking your dog, make sure you’re aware of the surroundings. Make sure you’re taking your dog when it’s the right weather. Some breeds are susceptible to cold and hot weather but mostly experience adverse effects. Many dogs like to sneak out and play in the rain, getting themselves all muddy. Observe and understand what kind of walks your dog encourages. 

Hire a professional dog walker

Not everyone has enough time to take their dog for a walk. In that case, you should seek the help of your family member to do it or can hire a professional dog walker. A professional dog walker not only walks them but also trains your canine for leash training.

Take your dog on a walk for a shorter length if you have a dog walker to look after your dog for its daily exercise.


Taking your dog on a walk is a fantastic experience for both you and the pet. It helps build a strong bond and brings new adventures to the pet’s life and new learning lessons. Each time you are out, you’ll observe new things about your dog. While traveling out with your furry friend, you can also try loose leash walking. 

Do let us know which tips were most helpful?

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