Will Smith is the subject of MIB director’s disgusting story during filming

The director of the original 1997 Men in Black film, Barry Sonnenfeld, revealed a rather disgusting event that happened during filming.

In an interview with Vulture, Sonnenfield shared the gross anecdote to describe the chemistry between MIB co-stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It happened while Will and Tommy were filming the tunnel scene.

In the scene, Tommy tells Will to “remember the red button” while driving through the Midtown Tunnel. Will presses the button and the car transforms. It turns upside down as they drove on the ceiling.

Sonnenfeld told Vulture that the two actors were secured into the car with a rig. It was then sealed and after turning it upside down, Will was heard shouting to get them out.

“We hear Will say, ‘Oh, Jesus! I’m so sorry, Tommy. Guys, get us out of here! Get us out!'” Sonnenfeld said. “And we panicked and started to turn it around, and you hear Tommy say, ‘No, Will, it’s okay’. And Will was like, ‘No it’s not! Get us out!'” the director continued.

As it turns out, Will decided to play a disgusting prank on Tommy while they were in the car. “He’d farted so bad in this enclosed space,” Sonnenfeld revealed.

When asked about Tommy’s reaction to the prank, the director said:
“Tommy is a manly man. If you talk to him about intellectual things, he says, ‘I’m just a rancher’. So he played it cool. But man, as soon as we opened it up, Tommy was outta there.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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