Why you should take care of your heart disease?

A happy healthy heart makes an all-round happy human being able to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s why taking care of the heart must be done through deliberate efforts and actions by all who care to live a longer healthier life.

The heart, is however prone to a lot of health risks. It is one of the most delicate body organs whose proper functioning could determine the quality of your life.

When and if a heart disease strikes, though you have enough reasons to worry, there are various ways through which you can still change the situation. In other words, there you have several reasons why you should take extra caution and care for the heart especially when a heart condition has found its way to this vital organ. Here are some ways you can adjust to the situation.

Reduce anxiety and depression

It has been demonstrated through research that 33% of people who have experienced heart attacks exhibit symptoms of depression.

Speaking to the American Heart Association, Dr Barry Jacobs of Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program emphasized the need to acknowledge that there is a connection between these two elements.

Giving hope for patients with heart conditions he pointed that there are many treatments available thus people do not need to suffer in silence.

Helps to maintain low levels of cholesterol and blood pressure

There is a very close association between high levels of cholesterol and heart diseases as well as blood pressure. Keeping a heart disease in check includes ensuring that your blood pressure is on appropriate levels.

This direct link between the heart and blood pressure makes it important to have ways of ensuring that chances of more fatal attacks are kept low. Xpertdox can explain you what exactly heart disease along with best hospitals and best doctors.

Poor heart health can lead to dementia

One of the clear connections is between the heart and mental well being. In a general perspective, without deliberate measures to live a healthy lifestyle, you might be narrowing your blood vessels. When this happens, the amount of blood that goes into your brain reduces thus inhibiting proper functioning of the brain. This is quite common in aging people who are even more prone to heart diseases.

Taking good care of the heart is a decision that all individuals must give careful consideration and make considerations. There are several ways in which you can keep your heart healthy with routine activities.

Diet is key

The general health of all human beings rests in healthy eating. The heart is particularly keen on what is healthy and what is not. Unhealthy fats can be substituted with more fruits and vegetables and a choice of healthy fats.


Exercise is not only important for physical well being but also takes care of our internal organs including the heart. The idea here is to burn calories and effectively reduces cholesterol levels in your system.

Keep your weight in check

Excessive weight is a root cause of several problems in our bodies. When you are overweight, you exert pressure on your heart besides risking narrowing your blood vessels with excess fats.

Get a heart screen annually

It is recommended that adults undergo a heart screening at least once every year. This will demonstrate their blood cholesterol, blood sugar levels as well as weight and height. This information can guide your doctor in giving appropriate advice on heart condition.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is detrimental to several aspects of your health. It is a cause of a number of health challenges. Stopping smoking can reduce your chances of getting heart diseases by half within the first year of quitting. It will have a positive effect on you.

Follow medication

Whereas lifestyle changes will play a big role in managing a heart disease, medication should also be considered and followed up closely.  Heart conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and even heart disease itself can be put under control with conventional medicine. Angina, the chest pain that comes along with heart disease can easily be relieved through prescription medicine.

However, a combination of medication and a healthy lifestyle is more important as this will reduce the doses of some of the medicines you take. Importantly, follow the doctor’s advice on medication and check out for possible side effects so that you can get help immediately.


Heart diseases do not necessarily need to dim the candle in your life. Medical practitioners confer that there are several avenues you can pursue to retain a vibrant lifestyle. In fact, one of the easiest ways of doing this is maintaining general happiness.

Find points of humor in your life and develop a strong backup system you can rely on such as your family and a circle of friends. Importantly, bear in mind that the heart does an irreplaceable task in keeping you alive and works continuously as long as you have the breath of life.


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