Why Tommy Lee Jones “was not kind” to Jim Carrey while filming Batman Forever

Why Tommy Lee Jones “was not kind” to Jim Carrey while filming Batman Forever
Jim Carrey as The Riddler acting alongside Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face in Batman Forever. Photo: YouTube | Flashback FM

If there’s one Batman movie that’s widely underrated, it’s got to be Batman Forever. While it didn’t draw as much flak as Batman & Robin, it also wasn’t as loved as The Dark Knight. Batman Forever is more like an entity lingering in limbo. Not quite regarded as a flop nor a hit amongst audiences.

However, if there’s something this film is known for then it has to be the off-camera feud between Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones. The pair played the antagonists of the film with the former as The Riddler and the latter as Two-Face. While their characters teamed up on screen to destroy their common enemy, the pair didn’t get along so much on-set.

While the feud has neither been confirmed nor denied since the film’s release back in 1995, it’s the one that has lingered on for many years. Now, Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher is calling out Jones in a telling revelation that confirms the feud was indeed very true.

According to the filmmaker, Jones did not like Carrey at all. Which would make anyone go “but why?!” and understandably so. Carrey is one of the most adored figures in Hollywood and even until now, the funnyman remains in the hearts of fans around the world. But that’s not a sentiment that Jones shares.

So why did he dislike Carrey so much? Schumacher explains, “Tommy is, and I say this with great respect, a scene-stealer. Well, you can’t steal the scene from Jim Carrey. It’s impossible. And, I think it irked Tommy.”

It looks like the old man did not like being upstaged by a younger and more dynamic actor on-screen. And this is evidenced by the fact that the two actors never reunited to work together on another project.