Why Paul Rudd thought he’d be fired from “Friends”

Paul Rudd recalls an incident from the set of “Friends” that almost got him fired — or so he thought.

The actor appeared on the beloved sitcom as Phoebe Buffay’s (Lisa Kudrow) husband Mike Hannigan. His role became a recurring one from 2002 until the series ending aired back in 2004. Speaking about his experience on set, Rudd told The Graham Norton Show that he almost lost his role after an accident that ended up hurting Jennifer Aniston. Aniston plays Rachel Green on the show.

“I was on set for my first episode and Jennifer was on a Segway because she had broken her toe, and everyone was marveling at it,” Rudd recalls on the British talk show. “Matt LeBlanc asked to have a go and immediately knew how to do it. I then asked to try it too.”

That’s when the unfortunate accident happened and things took quite the turn.

“I spun ’round and rolled it right over Jennifer’s foot!” the actor reveals. “The producers’ look of panic was as if to say, ‘Is it too late to fire him? Has his character been established yet?’ I felt awful. Such an inauspicious start.”

Rudd’s character ended up recurring for two years on the sitcom. But even after that span of time, he still couldn’t make it on Aniston’s good side. He also recalls a time when he walked in on Aniston crying and he didn’t handle it smoothly.

“I was on the soundstage and Jennifer Aniston was crying, and I thought, ‘I’m not supposed to be here,’ so to break the ice, I went over and said, ‘Well, we did it, what a ride,'” he reveals. “The joke inevitably fell flat.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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