Why Michael B. Jordan turns down roles where his character dies

Michael B. Jordan wants nothing to do with characters who end up dying in films. It seems like an entitled choice to make but the Hollywood actor has a surprisingly heartfelt reason behind it.

During the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new film “Just Mercy” the actor offered an explanation of why. Speaking at the film’s press conference, the actor says his mother’s reactions to seeing him die was a strong force behind his decision.

“I never thought about what my mom went through seeing her son die so many times and how she would cry so hard and it would tear me up, and when I got older and matured and started looking at things, I was like, ‘Man, I can’t do this anymore,’” the actor tells media at the event.

Aside from that, Jordan has another reason for wanting to stay alive in his films. The actor says he wants the audiences watching to see him live as a character and “survive all three acts.”

This is a difficult decision for an actor, especially in Hollywood when it’s hard not to take a role. But Jordan describes walking away from these roles was a strategic choice. Audiences have seen the star act out his demise in movies such as 2012’s Chronicle and the 2018 Marvel blockbuster Black Panther.


His new film Just Mercy tells the story of a young black-American lawyer defending his people who are wrongly prosecuted in America’s death row. He stars opposite Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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