Why it is important to seek a family lawyer

If you are having a family dispute that seems like it is getting to the point that lawyers need to be called in, it is recommended that you seek a family lawyer immediately. There are many situations where you may feel they aren’t worth the hassle or fee but it could save you both time and money in the long run. Lawyers are there to help you with any problem that you may have that is related to their field of specialty.

Consider that you are getting into an argument with your ex-partner about the time that you get to see your child. While it may be a petty argument you could have ground to stand on in a court of law. Even if you are seeking knowledge on the situation, there is a lawyers out there that can help you. Below we have compiled a list of reasons why it is important to seek out a family lawyer.

They can offer advice

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According to Brevard County Family Lawyers a big misconception about family lawyers is that you only need one if you are going to court. In reality, lawyers can provide you with some quality knowledge and advice about situations that you are going through. Chances are that they have heard about it or taken similar cases to court. In that case they can offer you a greater insight that you may not have which may lead to the conflict not going to a court room after all.

Additionally it is important to note that if you think that the situation could escalate, it is more than likely that the other party is thinking the same thing and will be seeking a family lawyer of their own. To avoid hitting the ground running it is important to have you representation already lined up if the situation calls for it.

They are experts in their fields

If the situation that you are in gets worse you may find yourself going to court and presenting your case. While it is legal within Australia to represent yourself in a court of law, it is not recommended in scenarios that you have little to no knowledge in. If you are in a high stakes case where your child’s custody depends on it, you want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure that you succeed.  Not getting a family lawyer puts yourself at risk as you won’t be fully familiar with proceedings or rulings.

What it comes down to is that an experienced family lawyer will have years of experience to fall back on when they are representing their clients. They know what the judges and jury are looking for within the case and are prepared to fight for you every step along the way.

More heads is better than one

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When you enlist the services of a law firm it is likely that they will have more than one individual working on your case. This gives your case and point of view several perspectives that may not have been thought of if it was just yourself or one lawyer. Many law firms do this to ensure that their clients are set up for success and thus giving you a greater chance of being successful.

Helpful family law tips for parents

Helpful family law tips for parents
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When you’re a parent any kind of family dispute can put you and your family through a lot of stress and heart ache. If however you are trying to have the custody rights for your child, many people believe that family law disadvantages one of sides, eg. dads. Regardless if you are seeking full or partial custody of your child you need to have the ground work already set up to ensure you best possible chance at success.

The most important thing to remember in these sorts of cases is that the children come first and you shouldn’t do anything to impact their relationship with their mother. Be sure to show the court that you have a strong relationship with your children and that your actions relay that you are trying to be the best father that you can be.

Follow all parenting plans, orders and agreements that the court puts in place. Your cooperation is vital in these situations to ensure that your relationship with your children remains intact.

Here are some helpful tips that can help out with family law for parents


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Conversations are used as evidence a lot in these sorts of cases in both the form of verbal and nonverbal. Texts and emails are common to show up in the court room. It is best to keep any anger or frustration out of phone calls with the children’s mother as chances are the conversation will be recorded and brought up against you later on.

If you have shown signs in the past of aggression and an unwillingness to change for your children, chances are you won’t have a strong case. Also be sure to watch your written conversations as they can also be used. Reread emails and texts to make sure that they don’t sound aggressive and do your best not to call or message out of anger or spite.

Keep a record of all correspondence with the mother of your children and anyone else who may be relevant as they can be used as witnesses and chances are that the other party is already doing the same thing.

Social media

Like texts and emails, social media posts could be used as evidence during the proceedings of the court. Stay away from posting about your family situation, your ex and anything to do with the court proceedings.

The court finds remarks like this to be disrespectful to all those involved and does not tolerate any aggressive or negative behavior.

How to stop international travel

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A common case that is coming up with family law for parents is that their ex-partner is trying to relocate their children overseas. Legally neither partner can take their children out of the country without the other’s consent.

If you are worried that your ex-partner is planning on taking your children out of the country, make sure to keep a close eye on their passports and any other travel documentation that they may have. If you do believe there is a strong chance that they will relocate your children, be sure to seek legal advice with a specialty in family law.

Additionally you can also put their names on the Airport Watch List which will deny them from boarding a plane within Australia.

If you are feeling overwhelmed after reading all this take a deep breath and calm down. Stressing out won’t make the situation any better and could possibly make it worse. Find a lawyer that specialises in family law and explain your situation to them.


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