Why CloverPOS is the most comprehensive point-of-sale system

Consumers have many options when it comes to making payments. For decades, most merchants were ready to handle transactions by cash or check. The plastic revolution led to the age of credit and debit cards. Today, a customer may arrive equipped only with a smartphone for contactless payment. 

This variety can especially be a challenge for mobile service-oriented businesses. They may not have the equipment to process every transaction, but limiting payment methods will also restrict their customer base. When such merchants are in the market for a new point-of-sale solution, they need payment tools that are simple and flexible. Offering Clover POS solutions will give an MSP’s clients hardware and software supporting and improving the payment process.

Clover POS hardware for every need

Clover knows that businesses come in all shapes and sizes. While a hairdresser may operate out of a shopfront, a plumber’s van is also his office. Clover hardware will meet the POS needs of diverse business models. All Clover products can accept credit and debit cards as well as contactless payments like Apple Pay.

Unparalleled benefits from CloverA customer with cash at a point of sale system.

While Clover supplies excellent equipment, its comprehensive approach to payment is its most significant selling point. An MSP can offer small and medium-sized businesses impressive benefits with a Clover POS system.


The checkout process is a critical moment. If it is slowed by staff members struggling with the technology, customers may not return. The user-friendly interface of Clover POS solutions makes implementation simple. For example, Clover Go can begin taking payments within minutes of unboxing the device.


Because businesses are different, Clover provides solutions that are made for customization. With the essential software, merchants can adjust their system to include local taxes and gratuities. Programs from the Clover App Market will expand the system’s functionality with advanced options for payroll, inventory, and CRM. Some clients will benefit from a custom app designed for their specific needs.

Clover’s open API allows businesses to integrate their current software solutions with the Clover app. Merchants will appreciate a payment system that fits with the management and accounting tools they currently use.

All-in-one system

Clover devices include everything a business needs for effective payment processing. Each Clover device takes a full range of payments. Even a small business can take advantage of advanced payment methods.

Also, working with the Clover app offers access to several management features. Clover devices come equipped with tools for staff management, customer relations management, and reporting. Some merchants will want to go with Clover to upgrade their antiquated management software.

Cloud-based, flexible, and mobile

A cloud-based payment solution lets businesses accept payments without extra hardware like dedicated servers. Clover provides a streamlined solution for the way small businesses function. Service-oriented businesses can use hardware options like Clover Go and Clover Flex anywhere they can access the internet.

A Clover payment system will grow along with a small business. With the cloud-based app, a manager can track the action of every Clover device in the network. Accurate reports will help make decisions about staffing and location.


Merchants need to know they can rely on their payment solutions. Data breaches damage customer trust. Clover payment solutions include security measures such as tamper-detecting sensors and high-level data encryption. Hybrid businesses can also rely on the Clover payment gateway for secure online transactions.

Comparing Clover to other POS systemsA woman at a point of sale system.

There are several competitors in the POS market. While many can accept multiple means of payment, few have the flexibility found with Clover.

Clover vs Square

Square is one of the first mobile payment devices. It is geared to small businesses that will use the card reader with a smartphone. The Square app has a generic format with few customizable options. 

Clover Go is the hardware that is most similar to the Square device. However, Clover provides several more options for POS systems. Also, Clover’s software features high levels of customization and flexibility.

Clover vs Shopify

Shopify works primarily for retailers with an online component to their business model. It began as an online shopping cart tool and expanded into other payment services.

Clover gives merchants better access to both online and in-person payment solutions. Clover’s mobile systems work just as well with service-oriented businesses as with retail.

Clover vs SwipeSimple

SwipeSimple is a card reader that syncs to a merchant’s smartphone and provides several payment options. However, it is only available through specific payment processors.

Clover POS solutions offer more hardware options as well as payment processor options. With Clover’s ability for integration, merchants can use Clover devices without changing payment processors.

Clover vs PayPal

PayPal is well-known for its secure online payment accounts. More recently, they have added card reader POS devices to their services. The PayPal reader deposits money directly into a PayPal business account.

Once again, Clover offers more options. Merchants can choose to work with the Clover app or configure the system to work with a custom payment application.

Enhanced Clover performance with an experienced development partner

At Chetu, our team of dedicated Clover integration experts can help payment facilitators and MSPs develop systems that meet their clients’ POS needs. 

Sandra Seagle
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