Visual merchandising tricks to increase your sales

Gaining the attention of the audience is one of the foundations of marketing since it brings potential customers to your products. But, the audience tends to be sceptical at times about the message you send and you need to carefully prepare it. However, not all messages are processed in the same way.

Visual merchandising is more open then textual content and leaves your products exposed to examination. That is why you need to make sure that the visual message is direct and not ambiguous. With visual merchandising tricks, you will be able to focus your message so it hits the target and thus increases your sales.

The rule of three

The rule of three is common in visual merchandising and it refers to displaying products in threes. That will make them visually attractive and offer your potential customers ideas.

People like to compare products before they decide to buy them. This also helps them choose the right product and maybe buy more than one. Use an interesting arrangement to present the items and you will certainly catch an eye of the customers.

Think about the colours

Never underestimate the power of colour to build the attention you need. It can create strong emotions and affect the way potential customers see your products. But not all colours are effective and you need to carefully plan which shades and tones to use.

A study suggests that more than 60% of decisions are based on colour, and within 90 seconds from when the customers first spotted the product. Bold colours will attract people, while solid coloured backgrounds will put your product in the centre of attention. Red and orange are emotional, while blue and green are calming, so make sure their temperament fits your products.

Use product grouping

Product grouping will be more attractive to your customers if you position items so they tell a story. This means that you should organise the products so they have a practical meaning for the target customers. For example, if someone wants to buy plates, arrange them so they can see how they look on the table with utensils and candles.

Find a way to make your visual merchandising noticeable at first glance. Place an odd number of products since the imbalance will attract the customers. Also, use something that seems out of place so they would stop by the display to take a careful look.

Use promotional materials

Use some promotional features even before customers enter the store to visually present your products. Flag banners with products on sale, billboards and ordinary banners can help you create interest for certain offers in your store. Customers may come with an idea and plan what to buy, but this way you will help them reconsider and expand their shopping list.

Enhance your display

The display is the first thing your customers will see and you need to make an impression. This is a small space to show what is new, suggest some trends and especially announce the sale. Displays can increase sales by more than 500% if you do them right.

The same applies on in-store displays known as the hotspots which can increase sales by more than 200%. Avoid clutter since busy displays are confusing for the customers and tell the muddled story. Change them once a month since new arrangements tend to draw more attention.

Play with signage

There are three types of signage: directional, informational and promotional. These are smart guides which will lead your customers through your offer of products. It’s important that your customers can find what they’re looking for in 8 seconds since that is an average attention span of humans.

Feel free to play with imagery in order to create the personality of your visual merchandising. Try to use clear signage which can be understood at first glance and make it as large as possible. Consider signage as a type of salesman that is there to help your customers find what they need.


Visual merchandising tricks are useful methods to help you increase your sales and promote your brand. They help you and your customers at the same time thus building a lasting and trusting relationship between you – and providing good customer service!

Mike Parsons
Mike Parsons
Mike is an Australian IT support professional. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.
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