What mistakes do you commit when you outsource your mobile app development?

There is no trouble for a well-established firm to build a mobile application according to its appropriate development process. They have all the resources and experts to look after every phase of development.

But for a medium-sized development firm who may not have a QA team or a designing team or lacking some hardware to perform some development tasks, the development process becomes difficult. When you run into the same kind of problem you can outsource the project. It means the part of the application development that you cannot work can be outsourced to a different development company.

Project outsourcing business has grown in the following years. And the countries who are ahead in outsourcing business are India, Australia, UK, US, China. But not all companies can deliver their best result. So it is crucial for you to select your outsourcing partner carefully to avoid costing you a lot.

Here is a list of possible mistakes that you could avoid while choosing an outsourcing partner. This list is mapped out based on precise research and case studies conducted during following years.

Looking for cheap solutions

Looking for a low-priced solution is not a bad thing but compromising with the app development process is a poor decision. A cheap priced solution may not deliver an effective application in time. If you are looking for an app that will achieve your business goals and is better in performance and quality basis, don’t look for cheap development solutions.

Chasing native partners

Hiring outsourcing partners from your native place may cost you more. There are many outsourcing partners around the world who could provide you with better app development solutions than the companies from your native place. So, look for mobile app development companies from other countries too. There are better outsourcing companies in Bangalore, London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Beijing, etc.

Ignoring time-zone difference

If you are working in a global marketplace, time-zones can be a significant obstacle that you need to overcome. If your outsourcing partner works in a different time zone it becomes hard for you to communicate with them. You may hardly find them online due to the time zone difference. You may have to wait an entire day to get your queries resolved. To avoid such hassle select an outsourcing team with a minor time zone difference. If you are hiring an outsourcing partner from a major time zone difference make sure that the outsourcing company is flexible and able to manage the communications.

Lack of communications

For the end result of an efficient mobile application, you need to have a stable communication with your outsourcing partner. Lack of communication with the outsourcing partner can cost you your mobile app. For an effective and stable communication, arrange the initial communications on Skype or exchange emails. Then you can place a phone call or a video call and make sure that you have an effective communication with them.

Hiring a technologically outdated outsourcing company

Users show interest in any application if the application has to offer the latest features. They are always looking for something new, and if you serve them with the best features, your application can be successful. It is always possible that the outsourcing company may still be using outdated technology. So it is pivotal for your company to make sure that the outsourcing partner that you are hiring is updated with the latest technology.

Neglecting UX/UI design

New UX/UI designs get introduced to the market every day, so it is important that your outsourcing partner is updated with it. A mobile app with an attractive design can enhance your sales and popularity. The biggest mistake that you can make is to ignore the UX/UI part of your application. Thus it is significant to hire an outsourcing partner that takes the UX/UI design seriously.

Insufficient knowledge about your outsourcing partners

Many times decisions made in haste can lead to an unpredicted result and it is not necessary that the results you get may be positive. Many times development companies just browse through few outsourcing partners and finalize the deal without looking deep into the company. This can lead to an ineffective mobile app at the end. Therefore take time to do research on different companies and their previous projects, past clients and the technology that they are using.

The main lesson that you can learn from your mistakes is not to repeat it. If you have made any mistakes in selecting an idea outsourcing partner then it is time to move on and find an outsourcing partner who would actually deliver better results for you like best example is Vrinsoft mobile apps development company. Don’t repeat the mistakes that are given in the list and find an ideal outsourcing partner according to your needs.

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