What are the benefits of using red ironbark firewood?

The red ironbark is a type of eucalyptus tree from the myrtle family. Also called Mugga ironbark, it is native to Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, Australia. It mostly grows on the plains, slopes, and hillsides with well-drained, shallow, gravelly, and clayey soils.

Ironbark seems to do well where there is sufficient sun. Apart from being a reliable source of firewood, ironbark is also used in the production of essential oils and used for ornamental reasons. Are you looking for red ironbark firewood for sale? How about you start by understanding some of its most fascinating facts?

  1. Red ironbark is propagated through seeds which begin to germinate at 20⁰C in 5 days. It cannot sprout from cuttings.
  2. The perennial plant survives more than fifteen years in the desert.
  3. The firewood comes from a medium-sized evergreen tree with a broad crown and weeping branches.
  4. Red ironbark wood is extremely durable and is used for manufacturing furniture as well as firewood.
  5. The leaves of ironbark tree may be bluish-green, grayish green, and lance-shaped. They turn to bronze and never shed during cold months. The leaves are stable foods for koala bears.
  6. The thick bark is deeply furrowed and full of red resin. It can sometimes be black or dark brown.
  7. The tree produces pink, yellowish, or white feathery perfect flowers which are umbrella-shaped and full of nectar thereby attracting a lot of bees and birds during winter.
  8. The blooming period of the red ironbark is May – November.
  9. The fruit is a woody capsule that resembles a wine glass.

Benefits of using ironbark wood for burning

Buying the correct type of firewood is imperative if you need a comfortable and clean burn. You want to use your fireplace in the most cost-effective manner possible. For this matter, there are many reasons to shop for ironbark firewood in Sydney.

If your fireplace is your primary source of heating, you should get dense and dry wood like the red ironbark. The firewood has an extremely dry density hence it burns slowly for a long time without producing much smoke. This means you will not spend too much money on lighting up your fireplace year-round.

By choosing ironbark, you participate in conserving Mother Nature. First, you save money you could have used to buy tons of useless firewood and secondly, you keep your storage space. Since ironbark burns longer, you don’t need to stack up your gallery with tons of firewood pieces.

Unlike softwood that burns quickly even before heating up your living space, ironbark is very economical. So, it is a sustainable solution that keeps deforestation at a bare minimum. The cutting down of ironbark trees has no significant effect on the environment. Therefore, you will not feel guilty about damaging the planet by using this type of fuel.

However, it is important to buy ironbark firewood for burning from reputable suppliers who are crystal-clear regarding how they harvest the firewood.

The wood is only eco-friendly is sources ethically and through the right environmental procedures. Always take your time to review a supplier before buying from them.

It is also important to ask how the firewood was seasoned. The natural density of the hardwood is impressive, but you also want to know what happened to the sap during cutting.

Ensure that the supplier understands your heating requirements so that they can give you the fuel you can use immediately instead of something that takes months to dry completely. Don’t forget to compare costs. It is better to buy from an established business that doesn’t pass most of its operating expenses to consumers as small businesses do.

The most impressive fact about Ironwood is the ability to generate mesmerizing fire. You will come to appreciate this quality and will never want to buy another form of wood. Enjoy your winter with steady burning and exciting popping sounds of ironbark in your fireplace!

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