What you should know before hire a web developer for your WordPress site

When businesses that are looking to utilize WordPress meet with web developers, there are a wide range of questions that must be asked. A website project cannot go bad. A web developer may be able to direct a client to the proper firms but they cannot handle the interview process on their own. That’s why a client must be sure to ask the right questions.

Otherwise, the assistance web developers can provide becomes more limited. There’s no reason to lose time and/or money on a project of this magnitude. Before meeting with web developers, be sure to ask the following questions of any prospective WordPress web developer. Their answers to these queries are going to tell most of the story:

  1. What additional fees do we need to be aware of?

No client is going to want to pay additional fees that they were not made aware of during the initial selection process. That’s why it is important to ask WordPress web developers to provide a clear picture of the necessary fees. Those who do not have a true understanding of the fees that they will be facing could end up with a site that goes over budget.

  1. Are the lines of communication open?

When brainstorming about the future of a site, WordPress web developers must make sure to keep the lines of communication open. Problems are sure to arise. Questions must be asked. To prevent the frustration of having questions go unanswered, the client must make sure to ask the firm if they are willing to offer a phone number or e-mail address. Knowing the quickest way to get a response is everything.

  1. How do we choose the right plugins?

There are so many plugins to choose from on the WordPress platform, it can be tough for the client to decide which ones are best. What happens when certain plugins are added and/or removed? What about the changing of themes? Which plugins and themes are going to work best with our specific needs? These are all questions that have to be answered in full.

  1. What about site security?

WordPress web developers must be able to provide a detailed set of instructions for keeping a site safe. Since WordPress is an open source platform, it can be susceptible to attacks. Proper coding, reputable theme usage, regular site updates and preemptive security tools must be discussed during the earliest possible stages of web development.

  1. How can we convert visitors?

The best sites are able to convert their visitors within moments. However, a client cannot rely on their WordPress web developers to teach them everything they need to know. The top developers will make sure that their clients know everything they need to about their target audience and ask about the unique selling proposition. The main call to action and the inbound web lead process must be discussed as well.

  1. Are we using the right SEO tactics?

The top site in the world will be of little use when the target audience cannot find it. Have a developer take a closer look at the main domain and archive pages. If there are any issues with either, this affects search engine optimization. The same goes for meta descriptions, permalinks and social schema. These are the essentials that must be addressed.

  1. Is the site friendly to all platforms?

Today’s browser is not going to waste time with a site that does not provide the necessary level of friendliness. In other words: the site must be usable for those who rely on Android, iOS, tablets, laptops or personal computers. If there any unwanted fluctuations in this regard, this could be a death knell for any site.

  1. How can we regulate site access?

WordPress’ status as an open source form of software means that site runners must take the necessary steps to regulate site access. Don’t make the mistake of constructing a website that does not offer the proper level of control. WordPress administrative access, DNS settings access, FTP access and database access will all need to be available around the clock. 100 percent control is the name of the game.

  1. What theme will be used for building?

In some cases, a custom theme is the best choice for WordPress site building. In other cases, the client may benefit most from an existing theme. The most experienced web developers can explain the pros and cons of each approach. They align the client with the theme that is best suited to their specific needs. Some clients may even benefit from the customization of a theme that is already in existence. The possibilities are endless.

  1. What do we need to provide?

Upfront payment, understanding of the project and website assets are all an absolute must. A reputable WordPress web developer will also ask for web host login information, currently active social media accounts, webmaster tools and online marketing strategy information. The more information that is provided upfront, the less delays the client will experience.

The process of hiring WordPress web developers is not always as easy as it looks. That’s why it is important to remain as proactive as possible. A number of issues, both large and small, can crop up. To ensure the best possible web presence, take the time to ask the aforementioned questions. They will separate the top web developers from those who are merely going through the motions.

Ricky Brown
Ricky Brown
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