8 viable ways to overcome challenges facing project managers

Project management is the use of skills, knowledge, strategies, and tools to meet specific goals. Project management requires competent people to have proper plans and leadership skills, as managing projects is far from a piece of cake. Efficient project managers understand that they need to form a skilful team and collaborate among team members to meet particular goals.

However, they also realize that several challenges come to the forefront throughout the process. It calls for the need to devise innovative techniques to overcome them to manage the project efficiently. Project management requires practice, accurate management, organizational skills, expertise, and knowledge to attain desired results.

Today, various project management tools, plenty of training material, and flexible methodologies are available. Still, many project managers struggle to overcome mediocre challenges, compelling companies to spend a handsome amount to overcome them. However, the key lies in identifying the root cause of recurring problems and working to mitigate them.

Project managers often actively search for practical solutions to common problems. The following are some viable ways to overcome challenges facing project managers:

Build a skillful team

Project management is not a standalone task, and managers have to designate various activities to team members participating in the execution of the said project. However, the participants should possess the required skills and have sufficient knowledge as incompetence can lead to disorganization and failure. Team members should be aware of the project goals and their assigned duties. They must consider deadlines seriously and put in earnest efforts to meet them. Moreover, they must remain abreast of changing trends and techniques to ensure flawless execution.

But, if you build a team that possesses antiquated skills and knowledge base, it can jeopardize the entire project. Therefore, it is imperative to turn to eLearning to instill the latest, essential skillset and expertise in your team members. Sponsoring eLearning programs such as project management online for employee development can go a long way in building skillful members. Your employees will hone core competencies involving efficient collaboration, planning mechanisms, risk mitigation, implementation, and so forth.

Formulate clearly defined goals

Before the project begins, the team must establish S.M.A.R.T, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals. Goal setting is critical and sets the direction of the project. The project management team must put the goal in writing and devise a plan that helps in meeting the objectives.

Several projects are long-term and require teams to build and work toward various sub-plans. For this purpose, team members can lead each sub-plan individually while ensuring it aligns with the overall project goals. Therefore, clearly defined goals will ensure that members do not deviate from the primary outcome while meeting their discrete objectives.

Practice active communication

Another critical aspect of project management is to ensure that all team members are on the same page. When a team works together, conflicts and differences of opinion arise. And, if managers don’t deal with them proactively, these conflicts can serve as serious impediments. Project managers must build a transparent and open communication method to ensure that no stakeholder feels left out. Practicing effective communications remove the chances of misunderstanding and helps in sending clear and precise messages back and forth.

Project managers should organize weekly meetings and use digital tools for quick coordination. Furthermore, project managers need to give directions, updates, and feedback at every step. Clear and effective communication helps them establish cross-functional collaboration as well.

Keep the team motivated

Motivation lies at the heart of any successful organizational project. Project managers must ensure that team members remain motivated throughout the process by incentivizing their contributions. Sometimes people are not enthusiastic about the goal and do not find any motivation to work for it. Project managers must realize that an unmotivated workforce will cause more harm to the project and is more likely to show negligence, leading to several challenges.

Motivation is the secret to producing outstanding results; it keeps people on track and compels them to work hard for their goals. Motivated teams will try their best to prevent issues, and if there are still some challenges, they will merge efforts to overcome them.

Have a culture of accountability

Building a culture of accountability instills a sense of responsibility among members in meeting their objectives with fairness and honesty. Many project managers do not hold people accountable for causing issues or not meeting deadlines, which gives out the message that incompetency is acceptable. Lack of accountability is dangerous enough to sink an entire project.

Project managers must ensure that they embrace it right from the start. They should question team members if they see that they are not taking their assigned works seriously. Project managers can use technology tools to track team members’ progress to foster accountability. In addition, they must have frequent check-ins to see the individual performance of team members.

Make resources readily available

Project managers must ensure that the workflow is smooth by setting an appropriate budget and providing team members with all the necessary tools. Due to the unavailability of resources, projects often come to a complete halt, leading to unbearable losses. Project managers must take the approval upfront, take regular updates from team members, and provide them with the resources before running out. Employees can quickly lose motivation due to resource deprivation, jeopardizing the entire project.

Set realistic deadlines

Some project managers may think that putting team members under pressure will bring the best out of them. Contrary to their belief, the workforce may suffer from burnout and miss out on crucial details in a hurry, leading to many issues. Thus, project managers must set realistic deadlines and be flexible with their teams.

Furthermore, when project managers set impossible-to-meet deadlines, teams strive only to finish the project and lose focus from the quality. Consequently, even if they manage to meet the deadline, challenges emerge. With impeccable planning, analysis, and communication, project managers can establish workable, realistic deadlines and prevents issues from arising.

Have a contingency plan

Having a contingency plan helps project managers respond to the potential issues quickly, minimizing their impact. Many project managers overestimate their planning skills and think that they do not need a contingency plan. Problems often arise without warnings, and contingency plans help project managers keep their projects adrift when things go south.

Project managers must draft a proper risk management plan and analyze the potential challenges. Once they have identified the issues, they must have a backup plan to tackle them. Contingency plans are crucial in project management, and ignoring them can lead to a significant setback.


Project management is an integral aspect of successful companies, and proficient project managers help organizations meet short and long-run projects. However, many project managers deal with multiple issues and strive hard to solve them but still fail in this quest. Efficient project management requires a team comprising of people equipped with specific skill sets. They must have excellent time-management, organization, critical, analytical, and other skills.

Project management is no cakewalk, but competent individuals can meet goals and overcome challenges through proactive approaches.

Carla Adams
Carla Adams
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