5 Ways to decorate a rented home [and get your deposit back as well!]

Calling to all renters! Are you fed up putting up with a home that doesn’t represent you or your sense of style? Can’ find ways to decorate without drilling holes into the wall? Then you have come to the right place! In this article, discover 5 ways you can decorate your rented home without the worry of not getting your deposit back! Say goodbye to white-washed blank walls (yawn), tired-looking furniture and soulless spaces… It’s time to start making a mark on your home, even if you don’t own it!

Talk to your Landlord to see how much DIY you can do

First of all, see how much decorating you can get away with by talking to your Landlord. You might be happily surprised! Sometimes Landlords encourage you to update their homes – after all, it’s one less job for them to do! You might find that they are willing to pay for the materials as long as you do the labour. You may even be able to get a reduction on your rent in exchange for this. So if you are keen to decorate as well as increase your means, it is definitely worth the ask!

Use a Peel and Stick wallpaper [and leave no damage on the wall]!

One of the most transformative ways to update a rented home is by choosing a Peel and Stick wallpaper. Often, these handy self-adhesive wallpapers can be removed from the wall without causing any damage! Because of this, there is less risk of upsetting the Landlord once you move out! With over a million wallpaper designs out there, you are sure to find a mural that will perfectly represent your sense of style! From tumbling waterfalls, romantic dark florals, tropical palm leaves, cute dinosaurs, 3D football stadiums and much, much more…

Just like the funky pattern feature wall above, a Peel and Stick wallpaper looks great anywhere. Place it behind the top of your bed to act as an extension of the headboard. Or why not stick it up behind the couch in your living room? You could even install one in your dining area so that you have a great talking point when cooking for friends and family! 

Upcycle furniture to show your sense of style

Another fantastic way to inject personality into your rented home is by upcycling your own furniture. Whether you always plan to rent or are on the transition from renter to homeowner, it’s important to put lots of love and effort into the items that you own. That way, when you move out, these treasured pieces will go with you and you can enjoy them for years to come.

Why not treat yourself to an upholstery course and learn to upholster those armchairs your grandmother gave you? Choose a bright colour such as orange or a funky pattern to really create wow-factor furniture. Or if you’re feeling brave, simply take a look at online tutorials so that you can master a new skill for free! As well as upholstery, you would be surprised at how much effect a lick of chalk paint can have on a worn-out piece of furniture! Use sanding paper on the edges to create a vintage distressed look. Just remember to seal the chalk paint with wax so that it doesn’t easily chip off!

Keep houseplants [even if you aren’t green fingered]!

As long as you are green-fingered, keeping houseplants in your rented home is one of the easiest ways to make your space feel like yours. Great if you can’t have pets in your rented property, house plants are a great replacement! And because of their expansive range in breeds, sizes and colours, you can really be adventurous in how you use them to style your home! Huge monstera plants will make a big statement in a boho lounge, pretty strings of pearls will add a tropical feel in your bathroom whilst tall bamboo shoots can add an oriental touch to your bedroom.

If you are incredibly bad at keeping plants alive (like myself), there is a wide selection of realistic faux plants available! Otherwise, why not try dried flowers? They add a beautiful romantic feel to your home and look great in a vase or hanging from the ceiling.

Show your style with a statement rug

One of my favourite suggestions is to find a statement rug! Aztec-inspired zig-zag patterns will bring a historical edge into your home. When paired with modern mid-century style furniture, these ancient-styled patterns really come to life! Or why not splash colour onto your walls with a patterned Turkish rug? Abundant in bright shades, you don’t need to do as much with the rest of the room as it will speak for itself! Or you might want to snuggle down into a faux sheep wool rug! Great for lying down and reading on a cold night, a faux fur option will create the perfect cosy atmosphere in your home.

As well as looking absolutely fabulous, rugs are a great way to avoid any damage to the flooring in the property. A mat placed in the entryway, another in the kitchen or in your busy lounge will reduce the number of scratches and spills ruining the floor!

In conclusion

Making your rented home reflect you and your sense of style matters. Having to put up with a shell of a home isn’t what any one of us deserves. Instead of settling for what you’ve been given, use these ways to update your space. From easy-to-install Peel and Stick wallpapers, statement rugs, upcycled furniture, houseplants and even speaking to your Landlord, there are so many ways you can make your rented home more of your own! What will you do to give your rented property a makeover?

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