Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav discusses his robust business experience

Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav is an Indian born entrepreneur and key business leader, having managed and worked on an impressive portfolio of successful projects. Focusing on pharmaceutical supply chains, energy efficient smart products and charity work, he has developed a strong understanding of underlying principles and recipes for success.

More information about Vindod’s projects and contribution can be found at his professional website. We asked Vinod some questions about his background and experiences.

What was your best / favorite subject in school?

Mathematics and physics were my favorite subjects in school. I also enjoyed English as a language course during my school days.

What was your first job?

In 1991, I joined Larsen & Toubro Limited as a trainee engineer. Initially, I was a service engineer trainee, but then I was trained for technical sales in spare parts for earth moving equipment. However, I then went on to handle a lot of commercial activities, thus leaving my engineering knowledge in the background.

Where and how did you first get into the industry you currently work in?

To start something on my own, I started with a medicine shop that was an international franchise store in Pune (India) in 2001 as I had very limited capital.

Over a period of time, my knowledge of medicine and supply chain management combined with more than 13 years’ professional experience in techno commercial facets of business and international taxation exposure helped me establish a pharmaceutical export house in 2003 with the first breakthrough coming from exports to Fiji.

How have these jobs prepared you for what you do now?

I have been able to run my current businesses using my 13 years of corporate experience in the field of supply chain management, international taxation, and export-import laws.

Describe the best day you’ve ever had.

On 19th March 2007, when I left India to set up international trading abroad, it unshackled the business from Indian bureaucracy, a “poor business environment,” and put it on a growth path without limits. That day will be remembered as a turning point.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Setting new goals (not necessarily financial ones) in terms of how many lives the business can touch keeps me motivated.

What kind of business ideas excite you most?

Businesses which achieve successes through efficient supply chain management and optimize profits with efficient supply chain strategies are exciting to me.

Have you ever tried any unorthodox techniques to attract attention to your business?

One can only do so much to address the needs of their market and expand their business. However, a business can also be built by creating a demand for new concepts in the supply chain and by expanding operational territories and going beyond geography to maximize efficiency. I have tried this unorthodox approach with some success in the past.

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

Establishing myself as a first-generation entrepreneur in 2003 and then achieving the coveted best merchant exporter award in 2010, which was one of the highlights of my career.

What wisdom would you have liked to share with yourself when you first started out?

Focusing on strengths while expanding the business is the key to success. Expansion without in-depth knowledge of the sector or market is likely to result in failure and disappointment.

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