Zubin Kalchuri discusses the importance of hiring a good divorce lawyer

Getting a divorce can be one of the most difficult and stress-inducing periods in your life. While emotions are running high, it’s important that you transcended your feelings and work to ensure your legal rights and entitlements are protected.

Common points of discussion centre around the future care of children, the division of marital assets and any child support or spousal maintenance required.

As you can imagine, these conversations can become quite heated and it pays to have a legal professional by your side that can filter through the acrimony and find the best path forward. This kind of solicitor will be able to simplify the entire process and give you valuable legal counsel on what’s realistically achievable for your case.

We spoke with Zubin Kalchuri, the Principal of ZMK Lawyers, and asked his opinion about the importance of a having a reliable divorce lawyer on your side.

A separation is usually a long and painful process. It’s not an easy decision to arrive at and Zubin reveals that “most couples will probably have spent months or even a few years trying to work through the nagging issues in their relationship”.

Once the decision has been made to begin legal proceedings, Zubin says “it’s important that you ask for advice from one of the better divorce lawyers that are in your local area”. He said that the legal process will still take a long time but having a professional help you through everything is “sure to prevent stressful delays in the courts”.

Often times, delays in annulling a marriage can be the result of issues related to jurisdiction. Zubin, who’s Melbourne based firm focuses on this area, warns that those who marry in India and get a divorce under Australian law may be “unknowingly committing the crime of bigamy” when they remarry in India.

Zubin says that “the parties need to ensure that cross jurisdictional laws are also complied with when they marry overseas”.

Many delays can also be caused by the presence of incomplete or improperly filled out paperwork. This kind of delay can be avoided by engaging a legal expert who has a close attention to detail and is unlikely to be slowed down by predictable legal bureaucracy.

The ideal divorce lawyer will be able to reduce the considerable amount of stress that you will undoubtedly be under while the separation process is underway. Zubin explains that while going through this process “you’ll no doubt be trying to balance the stresses of work with new found family problems”.

As a result of separation you may no longer living with your children, so organising a new time to see them and working this into your daily routine can cause problems.

Many workplaces help fathers out with this by allowing them to leave early or work from home on certain days. Little things like the support of friends and co-workers, as well as the professional counsel of your lawyer, all help to drastically reduce the stress you are under.

The best divorce lawyers are experts in their field who have dealt with hundreds of similar cases. Zubin explains that “they will be able to use their past experience and professional expertise to advocate on your behalf so as to try and ensure the best possible outcome”.

Zubin says that “getting professional service is always advisable as it will avoid any costly mistakes which may lead to unexpected and unwanted expenses”.

The best family lawyers know exactly what you need to hear whether the problem is legal or personal in nature. In complicated matters where laws of two countries are applicable it is always recommend to seek professional advice so that you don’t end up making a costly mistake.

One example of this situation, as outlined by Zubin, involves when a marriage is dissolved in Australia but may technically still be recognised under Indian law. Zubin stressed the “need to get professional advice” from a firm like ZMK lawyers that focuses on conflicts of jurisdiction related to family law.

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