Vanessa Kirby reacts to rumors about Catwoman casting

Vanessa Kirby reacts to the rumors circulating around her potential Catwoman casting.

The British actress who is known for her role in Netflix’s The Crown, addressed the rumors last Saturday. This was during the premiere of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw in Los Angeles. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she says “I don’t know anything about it,” when she was asked to offer updates on the character.

While she seems to genuinely have no idea about the rumors, the actress revealed that she’s definitely game on taking on the cherished DC role. When asked if she was interested, the actress says “Are you kidding?! I would love to be Catwoman. Oh my god, it would be a dream.”

Kirby then admitted that getting the gig would mean hitting the gym to pull off the feline anti-hero’s skintight suit. “Oh my god, are you kidding? I have to do lots of squats,” she said. “I mean, literally, lots of squats.”

A new Batman film is currently in the works under director Matt Reeves. The most recent update in production is when Warner Bros. finally announced that Robert Pattinson is the newest to take on the caped crusader’s role. Knowing that Pattinson and Kirby both share British roots, on-screen chemistry might not be so hard to achieve with the two.

Kirby reflects on her new gig as an action actress saying:
“I just never thought in a million years I would be an action girl because I’m just not naturally like that at all,”

“But yeah, there is something about this particularly that made me– I really felt like it was such a good opportunity to take care of this female character in this massively male world and to make sure, every day, we made sure in every area, she was a capable fighter. That she had all the best fights… That she was never saved by the guys… And I hope it instills some kind of change.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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