Types of electrical supplies that trades professionals must have on site

The evolution that has taken place over the past 10 to 20 years with electrical supplies has been stark.

The demands placed on these individuals to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients has never been greater, driving up the competition and the need to source a higher grade of equipment.

However, amid all of the change that has taken place over this time period, there are some core items that should be brought to any type of job – big or small.

Let us identify what whose supplies look like.


At its very core, a voltmeter is utilised by a trades professional to read the difference within an electric circuit between two distinct points. The item will have a digital reading as well as an adjusting dial that can be maneuvered by the user according to the model they are applying. This is one of the fundamental pieces of electrical supplies that has to be acquired by an electrician because it will illustrate if a circuit is alive, dead, performing well or underperforming. If there is resistance within the current, that could point to a particular disturbance that can be addressed and solved on site.

Wire Strippers

Dealing with wiring is a fundamental exercise with electricians who have to cut and trim various types to ensure a quality connection. When it comes to purchasing electrical supplies, wire strippers have to be front and center of that investment. These items will come in different sizes within a toolkit in order to meet the needs of thick and thin wiring for a home or office setting.

Fish Tape

Although wire strippers are great tools to utilise, they can be hard to access when they are stuck within intricate piping or lodged between obstacles that cannot be moved by hand. This is where fish tape comes in useful, allowing the expert to pull the wire back without disrupting the entire structure and placing those assets at risk. When visiting an outlet for electrical supplies there can be cable lube inclusions that allow for a smoother transition for the fish tape.

Test Tag Pack

When dealing with intricate electrical supplies and power tools, certified professionals have to ensure that the item has been appropriately tested and checked for safety reasons. This is where a branded tag pack is useful, giving the operator the chance to test the appliance and sign off on the use of the outlet. It will include the appropriate date, name and any other details that would be useful for the user to document – varying from potential faults, damage or battery usage levels. Specialists in this field have to be detail-orientated workers and these tags allow team members and contractors to read the information and outline whether or not it passes basic safety standards.


A healthy portion of trades experts will be using their electrical supplies within hallways, roofs, ceilings and locations where there is no direct sunlight. When trying to maneuver through these dark nooks and crannies it is worthwhile having a quality flashlight on hand to check readings, positioning of wires and cables and seeing where any damage has taken place. Any vision obstacles can make a straightforward project relatively difficult, delaying the process and increasing the hours that are billed to the client.


The good news is that these electrical supplies can be sourced from local outlets to major wholesalers and retailers. Although it is strongly advised not to undertake these jobs on a DIY basis, they can be equally applicable to other projects around the home or office. Assuming they have been purchased with a warranty signed off and through a brand that offers customer service and repairs, they will become valuable assets for the professional toolkit.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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