Different types of methods applied for tree stump removal

Tree stump in your yard not only remind you of your favorite tree which once used to stand over there but also occupies a valuable amount of space.

Though many of us accept the fact that removing or cutting down trees is sometimes a necessity, but at the same time keeping back the remains of a tree in the form of a residual stump is also worthless.

The remains of the tree do nothing fruitful except it just occupies space and also spoils the beauty of your yard. Besides, these stumps often have a high tendency of catching on fungus, which can even damage the soil.

However, there are different ways which can be adapted for tree stump removal:

  • You can hire professional stump removal services to remove stumps which are particularly difficult, or you do not want to take the hassle of doing it yourself and don’t have proper equipment.
  • You can make use of the grinder machine which is also known as stump removing grinder.
  • Chemicals can also be used to enhance the rotting process.
  • Manual digging can be taken as an alternative way to dig out a stump along with its roots.
  • Many people also prefer to burn away the stumps by initiating a fire.

Natural removal style

You can consider the natural way of decomposition if other ways seem too energy consuming. However, this is a time-consuming way since you depend on the buildup of bacteria and fungus to start and move through the process of decomposition.

Yet, you can try in some artificial gearing by covering the stump with fertilisers, mulch or soil which enhances the decomposing process. 

Burning the stump

In order to initiate a burning process to eliminate the existence of a tree stump at first, you need to drill a few holes in the stump. It is preferably better to make use of significant diameter drill bit since you need to fill in the gaps with kerosene and let them soak entirely at least for 15 to 20 days.

Once the wood has soaked the entire fuel, you can drop in lightened matchsticks in each hole, and once the fire is initiated, it will keep on smoldering for days before you find only a charcoal remaining back.

The key aspects that you need to note while burning the stump are:

  • This process can be harmful to those having breathing difficulties.
  • It is also unhealthy for animals and children.
  • It emits a lot of carbon monoxide which is also not an environment friendly since it is hazardous to the environment.

Manual efforts 

There are many people who like to opt for manual removal of a tree stump. In such cases, it is recommended that you dig in a deep trench and try to expose maximum roots as much as possible.

Cutting through the primary roots ensures maximum extent of removal. However, it is one of the best tree stump removal methods when considered for shallow-rooted trees like willow or maple.

Using chemicals having high nitrogen content is also essentially effective in initiating or triggering the decomposing method. Although, while you opt this method, you need to dig in holes with a drill machine.

The holes need to be filled with a mixture of the nitrogen chemicals or fertilisers with water. After filling the holes, keep it like that for days in order to start the process of decomposition with the help of bacterial and fungus growth.

However as in case of fire, machines with cutting edge sharp blades or even powerful chemicals you need to take essential precautionary measures to guard the stumps from pets or children from coming close to the stumps after the application of chemicals or initiating a fire.

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