Top features to include when launching a YouTube clone

YouTube, unlike other platforms, do not need their customers to register with them. It is definitely one of the best corners in which video streaming are legitimately complimentary.

Creating a YouTube clone might be known to a healthy crowd, but it also demands a lot of patience and calmness if you want to gain the knowledge of creating a YouTube clone. The arrangement might be extravagant but the quality remains unchanged.

Word press would equip you with themes which can be both complimentary and chargeable depending on your need.

A video sharing website or a YouTube clone can conquer its goals if certain rules and regulations are paid heed to. These include:-

  • Videos with interesting content
  • Make money from videos
  • Support Branding
  • Use friendly panel

Some of the important features to look for in a YouTube clone script are stated below.

Creating a channel and subscription layouts

With YouTube clone script users can create more than one YouTube channels. It also supports viewers to subscribe to multiple channels only in order to enjoy videos.

Management of video advertisements

Being an owner you can choose where you want your promotions to be located in your live stream. The framework of endorsement campaigns can also be changed accordingly. Usually, you can easily play around with the endorsements you are going to broadcast in between your favorite shows.

Dynamic admin panel

The admin panel of any video sharing script must be quite intriguing, active and robust.

SEO friendly

Organic traffic can even be gathered and received by incorporating a technique which would clearly cut down the budget. A YouTube clone script offers an inherent capacity to draw traffic in the easiest possible manner; the phenomenon is termed as “Search Engine Optimization”.

Such actions would enhance image alertness and would rank you at the highest possible location on search engines.

Payment gateway

Ascending your venture will be the simplest if you are using a video sharing script which has got enough positive reviews on the market. PayPal is the mediator who takes care of the payment part of the collection of revenue for a particular YouTube channel.

A vigorous and secure payment gateway is implanted which would grant access to every individual across the globe. Credit card payments are made simpler and straightforward than ever.

Upload unlimited content

A colossal number of videos and divisions can be recorded and uploaded to the platform of video CMS which has enough acclamation on the internet. With a dominant innovative way and a scalable framework, your YouTube clone script can attend to numerous users without a break.

Differentiation of categories has also made it simple for the users to look for the video they longed for on a particular channel or even all across the YouTube clone.

Can run on Android and iOS platform as well

The YouTube clone script you acquired needs to have the element of platform independence. When we talk about the current trend, it has been noted that more than 80% of the total YouTube users watch video recordings on their smartphones.

The best video CMS would create an application for you which will run on both Android and iOS devices. Such an application would aid you in generating much healthier revenue than what a normal webpage would have given you.

Customizing video resolution

As soon as a video is posted in high-definition or 4k resolution, the admin can personalize the auto resolution speck according to his need. In this way, the HD video can be changed into low-definition and standard-definition version for the viewers using a low internet connection speed.

Users can thus watch videos into their most favored video resolution.

Report abuse

While buying a YouTube clone you must also keep in mind that the video sharing script holds the element of reporting any user guilty of fabrication and taking undue advantage of the rules and regulations of your clone.

The admin team must be helping you in blocking these users and banning them so that they are unable to enjoy video content on your channel ever in future.

The fact is clear that YouTube has taken over the video CMS market without anyone noticing in the modern era. Other video sharing or video watching sites such as Netflix and Dailymotion are commendable as well but YouTube with its smart features and incomparable user-friendly quality and perks is the platform believed by most of us.

The choice of a domain name must be simple so that it can easily be recollected. It should also be catchy and attractive enough to turn it into a brand with time. One can also prefer buying readymade scripts in place of creating websites starting from scratch.

The video CMS chosen by you must contain a video sharing script with a committed admin panel offering more than one input layouts for the benefit of users. The CMS besides being robust and authoritative is also supposed to take care of an enormous amount of data.

These are the top features which one would certainly look for on launching a YouTube clone. Without the presence of these elements, it is advisable that you do not buy any YouTube clone script.


Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
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