Tiffany Haddish shares her thoughts on working with Chris Hemsworth in ‘Australian stripper’ movie

Tiffany Haddish has everything to be excited about, and she definitely is. The comedienne is set to star alongside Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming comedy movie ‘Down Under Cover’.

The buddy cop movie centers on cracking down a group of casino heist culprits. The main suspects? A group of Australian strippers.

During the premiere of Hadish’ latest film, The Secret Life of Pets 2, she revealed her excitement towards the project. The 39-year-old actress was asked what she thought about Hemsworth pitching the idea of a film featuring Australian strippers. She told ET:

“Sign me up! I love to see a good man dancing. Ain’t nothing like a sexy man body working [it!]”

In her true comedic fashion, Haddish had to stop herself from continuing to rave on about the film saying. This is after remembering that she was in a premiere for an animated kid’s movie. “Wait, this is a kids movie, hold up,” she said. “That Chris Hemsworth [idea] is not a kids movie. Ladies!”

ET reports that Haddish and Hemsworth will start filming Down Under Cover on January next year.

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While filming hasn’t begun, Haddish is busy promoting her crime, The Kitchen, premiering in U.S. theaters on August 9. Aside from that, the comedienne will executive produce and host ABC network’s reboot of ABC’s Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth is going on a Hollywood hiatus this year, revealing that he won’t be accepting roles in 2019. Ladies can breathe easy knowing that the temporary break won’t be for good.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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