The Witcher trailer reveals launching date and new footages

The Witcher trailer finally uncovered the show’s release date together with new sets of footages that could add up to the fans’ excitement.

The show’s official social media accounts teased viewers about its upcoming trailer. Featuring a few scenes from the teaser released last July, the new Netflix show announced that they will release its official trailer on Halloween.

As reported by GameRadar, the trailer, along with its official release date, was released in Lucca Comis and Games in Tuscany, Italy where it was attended by the showrunner, Lauren S. Hissrich.

The new The Witcher trailer started with a voice-over from Anya Chalotra who plays Yennefer. She was talking to Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia during their first meeting. Yennefer was telling Geralt how she had heard of his kind, that they are mutant and created by magic, and that they kill monsters for a price. She thought that witchers looked like monsters too, with fangs or horns. Geralt responded to her by saying that they had them filed down. Apparently, Geralt’s people receive different kinds of treatment from other people; some find them amusing while others hated them.

In the trailer, Geralt was seen fighting different kinds of creatures like monsters and humans. Aside from showing off his skill in sword-fighting, Gerald was also seen using his telekinetic power called Aard.

The story of Freya Allan’s character, Princess Ciri, was also featured in the newly released trailer. It appeared that she needs someone who can help her contain and control her power and it looked like her power is so strong that it could cause catastrophic events if left unattended.

The streaming giant named the newly released video as the show’s first official trailer. This might get the viewers confused because a few months back, in San Diego Comic-con, a video of the fantasy series was shown. Apparently, that was only a teaser despite of its two-minute duration.

Before today’s announcement, all the viewers know was that the series is going to be launched sometime in the fourth quarter of this year and a “leak” told fans that its official release date would be December 17. That proved to be wrong since the newly released The Witcher trailer said that the show will air its first season on December 20, 2019.

Feeling excited yet? Wait no more! It is only less than two months before you can watch the long-awaited fantasy series.
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