The value of hiring a trusted conveyancing specialist

Local constituents who are in the market to either buy a property or make a sale have a number of options at their disposal.

From handing over control to real estate agents or hoping that an opportunity will present itself, there are clients who will be able to contact a trusted conveyancing specialist.

These operators are experienced experts who help to manage the buying and selling of property for rural, suburban and metropolitan areas of the country.

Their objectives are clear and their achievements are consistent across the board, offering a point of difference from other outlets who have their own interests at play.

Time to discuss the value of hiring a trusted conveyancing specialist.

In-depth knowledge of local real estate market

Researching properties and having in-depth knowledge of the domestic real estate market is one of the key advantages to hiring a conveyancing specialist. If there are spikes in prices, an urban sprawl trend occurring, a downturn in the local economy or an alteration in the dynamics of properties, then they will be abreast of all of these developments. This is information that they pass onto their constituents to ensure that they understand the risks and opportunities that will present themselves, giving details that speak to financial forecasting and future dividends if they are looking to turn over an investment in the years ahead.

No conflict of interest with real estate agencies

One of the common retorts that could be heard for people hearing about the real estate expertise offered by a conveyancing specialist is simple: “why not just hire a real estate agent instead?” The good news for clients who take the conveyancing route is that they are not beholden to the same conflicts of interest and profit motive that these agencies experience. Whereas these agents will try and expedite that sale and venture ahead with the transaction, these operators will challenge these professionals who attempt to rush a deal through on terms that are less than ideal. By acting as a go-between for real estate agents and their client, they are providing a valuable service.

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Covering key legal duties

When a client brings aboard a conveyancing specialist, they won’t only have an advocate who looks after their property sale or purchase, but they will be able to cover key legal duties that are brought about by the industry. From developing extensions and acquiring a clearance from local council for building permits and sourcing agreements with documentation, these are matters that have a legal foundation. They will bring these skills to the table and ensure that constituents won’t have to bring lawyers to the equation.

100% contract transparency

The saying that the devil is the detail is never truer than when it comes to property contracts. One small stipulation that is overlooked can be incredibly costly for local homeowners, ensuring that the use of a conveyancing specialist will read every point and certify that the terms are either acceptable, unacceptable or require further clarification. Agencies that want to expedite a deal won’t necessarily offer clients the same assurances, creating difficulties down the line when they are locked into a contract and signed on the bottom line.

Sourcing suitable finance agreement

No two sets of mortgages will be ideal for all parties, and this is where a conveyancing specialist will be able to present a payment method that is in accordance with the client’s budget. In 2019 there is a diverse range of financing options at the disposal of local homeowners as they can incorporate packages from their bank, tax incentives given their status and fees that are either fixed or variable depending on market conditions. By presenting these options and bringing them to the table, they empower the client to make a decision that is best for their long-term interests.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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