The valuable role of conveyancing lawyers for clients

Conveyancing lawyers for clients can fly under the radar when compared against the glitz and glamour of real estate agents. By undertaking key work with property sales and purchases, they are best placed to securing top deals for their constituents while covering all possible bases imaginable.

Assessing the property market

For many constituents, they will arrive to the market with some general knowledge about prices, what constitutes value and what they want to get out of their next deal. Conveyancing lawyers offer a means of reading the detail with expert efficiency, understanding which suburbs and locations are on the rise, what features will add property value, which councils are imposing new regulations and how the community infrastructure will operate for families. Although some real estate agents will be able to pass on some useful advice, they will not have the resources or depth of insight that these practitioners bring to the table.

Reviewing terms, identifying risks & handling sensitive documents

Before participants agree to sign on the dotted line, it is essential that a specialist runs their eye over the detail to ensure that nothing untoward has been designated. This is where conveyancing lawyers for clients offer a central service, reviewing the terms of the Vendor’s statement and the Contract of Sale where there can be some unique stipulations. If these points are not clarified, then there can be some risks for the buyer in the market. The same principle applies to the security of key documentation, providing a safe and secure party to hold these papers in their possession to offer peace of mind for clients.

Complete legal representation for property matters

In the unlikely event that a party will head to court to dispute a claim or fight a contract, conveyancing lawyers for clients will be able to step into the breach. These rare scenarios only happen when a dispute cannot be resolved in good faith, leaving two participants to argue their case before a judge. While regular conveyancers have no grounds to be involved in these matters, these specialists are able to apply their legal knowledge and expertise to the entire case. That wide-ranging degree of diligence makes for a multi-faceted professional, giving them the tools and resources to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Leveraging e-conveyancing services

To help bypass many of the traditional processes and steps that are needed to buy and sell property, conveyancing lawyers for clients are able to leverage e-conveyancing services. Transitioning this work to a digital platform will help to expedite the transaction and secure documents that don’t have to be protected in a physical sense. Costs are cut down with e-conveyancing, time is saved and all parties are able to arrive at a suitable outcome knowing they have a firm who is running a modern operation.

Preventing real estate agents from setting the agenda

Real estate agents do have a productive role to play in some examples where constituents are able to learn more about the market and identifying what options are presentable. Yet this is only one small part of the larger picture, creating a scenario where these agents are driven by commission bonuses and selling families on certain profiles of homes that filters potentially better solutions away. Conveyancing lawyers for clients are able to act as a barrier in this context, ensuring they can hold talks with these parties while the clients venture ahead with their purchase or sale.


Conveyancing lawyers for clients have a valuable role to play, even if their public profile is more modest than other property stakeholders who make themselves visible. Residents are advised to find their nearest specialist in this field to secure the best deal possible for their acquisition or sale.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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