The ultimate guide to planning a intimate gathering with your loved ones

If there’s anything that can bring an already close-knit gang even closer, it has got to be an intimate get-together. There’s hardly anything as romantic and satiating as a small group of family members and friends chitchatting and celebrating away over a sumptuous spread of cuisines and some relaxing music!

While intimate gatherings may not entail the same pomp and extravagance of large-scale events and parties, they’re all about striking the right chords and spreading the good vibes. Consequently, even while organizing an intimate event, one needs to work more from the heart than the mind and add a deeply personal touch to the arrangements. Take a look at some tips that can help you organize the perfect intimate get-together that spreads love and fills your guests’ hearts with joy:

Simple and elegant décor

Who says you need to go the whole hog with your décor every time you organize an event? Sometimes, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Intimate gatherings can have as minimalistic a décor as you please and yet outshine most extravagant events. You could opt for radiant but dim lighting, by setting up a couple of chandeliers around the room, colour-coordinated furniture and perhaps some attractive centrepieces and flower-vases here and there. The best catering Melbourne services incorporate assisting the host in setting up a simple and cozy setting for your intimate event.

It all boils down to planning!

An event that is backed by a solid plan is half the battle won. Planning an intimate gathering may appear much easier compared to the extravagant ones; however, catering experts would tell you that equal (if not more) effort is exerted in planning smaller-scale events. This is because such events are typically very personal in nature, and they require one to pay special attention to every minute detail to ensure that nothing goes amiss. After having decided upon a venue and date for your event, coordinate with your caterer immediately and start making plans that cover different aspects of the event – including the ambience, menu and food specifications, inviting your guests and setting up the props and décor.

Set the budget!

For a small gathering, you may set much tighter budget limits as compared to when organizing a large-scale event. However, an intimate event is all about spending mindfully for the right services. Spend a sufficient amount to ensure that the food and refreshments are of superior quality and the décor looks attractive despite probably being minimalistic. It’s a good idea to personally meet your caterer and discuss what amount is to be allotted to what services. Setting a budget helps you finalize the total expenditure in an organized manner.

Let’s talk food: finalizing the menu

The next most important aspect to consider while planning an intimate gathering is the menu. Incorporating a wide range of delicacies may seem tempting, but sometimes, it’s all about the quality as opposed to quantity: i.e. how delectable and appealing your cuisines are as opposed to the number of food items on the menu. You could start off by planning the style of serving the food – i.e. by means of a buffet, a sit-down meal, barbeque dinner etc. This can help you gain more clarity on the types of cuisines to be served. For instance, if you’re planning a buffet, you could incorporate an elaborate meal plan with starters, main course, desserts etc. But if it’s a simple sit-down or one-pot meal, you could have interesting meat and rice preparations, pork belly, roasted vegetables and lamb rump. Seek help and guidance from your catering company, and execute your plan in as methodical a manner as possible.

Finger-foods and knick-knacks

 An intimate event provides a much-needed outlet for you and your guests to keep aside all stressors and spend quality time together. And what better than some knick-knacks and light appetizers on the go while your guests await the main fare? When it comes to finger-foods, nothing beats the heavenly combination of canapes and chitchats. You could serve these pretty little things in different shapes and with a variety of toppings – including meat, vegetables and chicken.

Auditorily appealing: time for some music!

The whole idea of an intimate gathering is to unwind and feel comfortable and cozy in each other’s company. To bring about a more intimate and ‘feel-good’ vibe to your event, you could have some light music playing in the background. Music always entails positive vibes, which can contribute to enlivening your event and making your guests comfy.

Spending quality time with the guests

An intimate gathering is a wonderful opportunity to let your hair down and spend some quality time together. While your caterer handles all the technical aspects of organizing the event, you can spend time chitchatting with your loved ones and living in the moment. You could organize fun games and karaoke nights with your guests and have a separate kids’ corner for the little ones. Try to incorporate some fun activities that allow you and your guests to enjoy to the fullest and forget their daily stresses for a while. Above all, what matters the most at an intimate gathering is how much each of you enjoys at the event!

Catching up at a cocktail dinner

There’s hardly anything more satiating than getting together after a sumptuous dinner and conversing over some nice Australian beer. You could also organize some interesting mocktails for the teetotallers and little ones and have a wonderful time walking down the memory lane!

The best caterers understand that organizing the perfect event goes beyond the technicalities of catering and also involves spreading love and joy to the guests and the hosts. Consequently, premier catering companies are dedicated to ensuring that you and your guests make unforgettable memories at your intimate gathering.

John Langer
John Langer
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