The trailer for Zac Efron’s new Ted Bundy movie faces criticism

He is one of the most notorious American serial killers in history, with a kill count of over 30 people before finally being caught. Now Zac Efron is portraying him in the new movie ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’.

The new Ted Bundy movie has two huge stars as its leading roles. Zac Efron is playing Bundy, with Lily Collins playing the serial killers long term girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.

In a new twist, the movie is told from Kloepfer’s perspective and revolves around their lives during his homicidal years. Essentially, Bundy was playing the family man, and father to Kloepfer’s child while at the same time murdering and terrorizing multiple women.

Although it is true that Bundy did lead two lives, the trailer for the film has received negative feedback. Why? Well, based on the trailer, many people feel like the tone of the film is completely wrong.

Immediately after watching the trailer, viewers picked up on this. Some of the confused comments include:

“This looks way too… fun… for a movie about a serial killer,”

“Oh man….the tone of this trailer is all wrong.”

“Looks like a weird action comedy about a guy who brutally murdered over 30 people. Good job.”

The decision to take this approach for the film has shocked many people, with some arguing that the director Joe Berlinger is to blame. So why did Berlinger opt for this approach?

Berlinger has a long history of making true crime documentaries, so it seems bizarre for him to get the tone of this movie so wrong. In a recent interview Berlinger stated

“I just thought that was an interesting way into the story, to turn the genre on its head,”

The director claims that many movies have followed serial killers and looked into the phycology of their killing habits. In a new approach, Berlinger was more interested in Bundy’s personal life and how he interacted with other people.

“What I wanted to do is pose the question: is a psychopath capable of love? Why didn’t he kill her?”

Whether you love it or hate it, the trailer has definitely got people talking. There is a huge buzz surrounding the imminent release and there is no doubt that people will flock to cinemas to see it.

Let’s not forget that this is the first trailer for the film, and is only giving viewers a peek into the story line. Therefore, the tone for the rest of the movie could be completely different. But for now, this new take on a movie about the life of a serial killer is a lot to handle.

Rebecca Kellett
Rebecca Kellett
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