The only 7 pregnancy wardrobe must-haves

Maternity clothes! Aren’t all new mums excited about them? They look super comfy and stylish and feel like you might have a good time dealing with pregnancy blues if you wear them. What’s not to buy about them? They are seemingly harmless and cute.

You might also be tempted by the perfect pregnancy belly and clothes of an Instagram blogger to go maternity shopping. Spending heaps of cash on something you love is not harmful either. But, before you begin stacking up the new clothes in your wardrobe, pause and reflect on their actual requirement. You might want to try out every stylish maternity outfit you lay your eyes on, but when it comes to their functional aspects, the choices narrow down to only a few.

We have prepared a list of the functional maternity clothes and accessories that prove immensely useful along with providing you with the comfort and style factor that you need. Give this list a go and decide for yourself!

When to buy maternity clothes?

The first thing to decide is when you really do need to start wearing maternity clothes. No two pregnancies are alike. What suits for that influencer might not be suitable for you. Although there is a primary concept that applies to buying pregnancy clothes. It says, buy new clothes when your baby bump actually starts to show up.

Well, it can be confusing, right! If you keep on wearing the same old clothes or God forbid, the normal shapewear, you might never know if you have a healthy baby inside. Hence, stop wearing tight clothes from the day you get a positive pregnancy test. Wave all your normal shapewear a goodbye until postpartum.

While wearing loose-fitting clothes, and almost after 2-2.5 months into the pregnancy, your baby bump will apparently start to be visible. This is the right time to start buying new clothes. You may also want to ask your midwife or GP about the right size of maternity clothes you must wear. They vary for everyone.

Now, you’ve got the visible baby bump, your midwife has told you the size, it’s time to look for those functional, stylish, and comfortable stuff. Let’s begin!

A giant sack dress

Sack dresses for pregnancy are so in! It’s not surprising to think of pregnancy and sack dresses simultaneously. They are comfortable, allow you and your bump to breathe, and can be paired with anything. These can be worn with pregnancy leggings, a statement jacket, or alone. They also go with a lighter shade of sneakers, preferably whites. Sack dresses are preferred by women in warmer environments for all three trimesters, without a second thought.

A fitted maternity dress with belly ruching

Some may deem them old-fashioned, but they classically make you look chic, nonetheless. Choose the ones designed specifically for maternity with clever side ruching to flatter your belly in all the right places. You can wear them at more formal occasions such as a wedding and surprise your friends and family with how hot your pregnant belly looks in this clingy little number. They definitely level up your style factor, while being convenient.

A sensible maternity tee or tank

These are the greatest comfort providers of all. They can be paired with your maternity leggings or shorts. Buy them in as many colours as you want. They are ideal for chilling at home or hitting the gym. Put a coat on top and let the baby bump show through these brightly coloured marvels.

Quality maternity leggings or shorts

Maternity leggings are a must! They are strategically designed and created to provide support to your lower back and growing belly. You can wear these leggings while exercising at the gym or sleeping at home with a tunic or tank top. They can pair up with a short formal dress and be worn at work or weddings. Most women find them so supportive and stylish that they opt to ditch the maternity jeans altogether and replace them with pregnancy leggings. These leggings are also helpful when you’re recovering from childbirth postpartum.

A bra that grows with you

Truth be told, women don’t like bras on normal days, let alone during pregnancy. But when you’re going out and wearing one is your only option, you might as well wear a bra that’s made for the job. Maternity bras, unlike normal ones, grow with you. Keep the 34C you’ve worn all your life aside for time being. Select the wire-free maternity ones and let your growing body fit in comfortably. Ask the experts for the right size and shift to the nursing bras postpartum.

Larger shoes

As the rest of your body grows, your feet will follow the cue too. You will need larger shoes than your normal size to fit in the swelling. Select flat soles and avoid any forms of high heels during these times. We aren’t judging your calibre of handling the stilettoes, we are just pointing out they can be risky when you’ve got a baby in your body.

A coat that can wrap you

Coats are obviously seasonal, but if you plan to be pregnant in colder months, you will need them. Select the coat that can actually wrap you around completely. If the winter is only going to last for a smaller part of your pregnancy, you can also ask your partner to lend you their bigger coat.


These are some of the most common maternity clothes loved by a majority of women. Their functional aspect does not rob them of the style factor either. Buy the right size clothes that are right for you and ask for help when confused. Doctors or midwife can guide you well as they know your pregnancy better.

The most stylish thing you can wear is your joy which can be seen in your beautiful smile and sparkling eyes! It is your time to look after your health and enjoy every moment of being pregnant. Don’t let any wardrobe worries keep you away from it. Happy pregnancy!

Sinead O'Donovan
Sinead O'Donovan
Sinead helps women in their health and well-being journey. Sinead works with SRC Health to provide continuous support and relief of pain during pregnancy and faster C-section recovery in 4th trimester. Her mission is to support women through all stages of life.
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