6 Things to keep in mind when buying maternity clothes

First things first, congratulations on getting those two lines! Your new little adventure with new pregnancy challenges begins now. We know that you need to go shopping and start planning for the coming months. However, selecting the perfect maternity clothes is a different ball game than regular shopping. The shopping experience intensifies with all the options available out there.

But on the brighter side, we have come up with few tips to help you make better choices when buying your pregnancy garments. To learn more, keep reading.

1. The season, currently and when you’re due

It’s not surprising to know that the seasons play a significant role in deciding the material of your maternity clothes. You need clothes that help you adjust according to the changing seasons. For instance, you find a cute cheesecloth dress, but it won’t be useful if you will be at maximum pregnancy term in mid-autumn instead of summer.

The cost part also largely depends on the season. If it’s not going to be cold for that long before you deliver, to save costs, you can again borrow your partner’s warm jacket instead of shelling out for a more oversized jacket you will not use in the future. Buying clothes with forethought of seasons and your requirements can land you with the right maternity clothes.

2. Your personal style

All of us have a different opinion of what looks cool and what doesn’t. The same applies to pregnancy clothes too. What looks good on a social media influencer, and is also the “in” thing, might not serve you the same. And therefore, the second thing you must be paying attention to when buying maternity clothes is your personal style.

There is no point in getting out of your comfort zone during pregnancy. Experimenting with new styles is alright up to an extent. But when you are in your full term, you will want clothes that you find comfortable and also resonate with your personality.

3. Your daily routine

Your maternity clothes should also be accommodative of the activities you will be doing the whole day. Figure out what your daily routine will be like for the next 10-11 months, and purchase accordingly.

  • Gym

If you are going to hit the gym with your baby bump, you may want to look for maternity gym tights. They are specially designed to provide support to your growing belly and lower back. You can also pair them with comfortable matching t-shirts.

  • Work

If you are a working mum-to-be, it’s a given that you will be spending a lot of your time at work. In such a case, you might want to shop for more comfortable office wear rather than spending on more casuals. Skip buying the four pairs of jeans and opt for more formals.

  • Leisure

When not working or exercising, you will need clothes that help you relax and wind down. Your attire should be able to help you feel good along with giving you the comfort to sleep in.

Maternity leggings are an allrounder that can help you be ready for all the above three purposes in no time. You can wear them at the gym, office, or casually at home. They can be formal enough to be worn in the workplace under a dress or even at weddings. Women also find them comfortable enough to sleep in. Ask your doctor to guide you about the right maternity legging option.

4. Choice of pregnancy underwear

It is tricky to make this choice! But we have some guesswork to help you decide better. Your breasts can increase up to 3 cup sizes during the first trimester. Choose a soft, stretchy, non-wired bra that can adapt to this change.

For your second and third trimester, you can choose a well-designed nursing bra to provide more significant support and extension. Not much breast growth occurs at this stage, but your rib cage expands. Nursing bras help you adapt to this change.

As for the last leg of your pregnancy and postpartum experience, keep in mind that your ribcage will expand and reduce dramatically. You might also be nursing the young one during this stage. Buy a bra with the band and cup sizes to support these changes.

5. Assess your body

Every woman may experience pregnancy differently. Nearly 10% of women only get the belly, and it pops out straight in front. They can do with fewer size jumps when purchasing for pregnancy. But not all of us are that fortunate. For most women, pregnancy brings much more size changes than that.

To start with: Your hip bones are expanding to accommodate your belly, your organs are being pushed towards your spine, your breasts are getting heavier and tender, and your ribcage is unlocking. You can make smart choices for your maternity clothes by considering the shape of your body and shopping when the need arises.

6. Choice of shoes

Did we forget to mention the changes your feet will go through? Well, just like other parts of your body, your feet will be swelling too. And to add to the discomfort, your ankles will be pulsating under the added pressure. It is time you made some serious changes to your footwear.

If you are a fan of stilettos, forget about them; instead, you might want to opt for some flats. The added weight will make wearing high heels challenging. Also, choose the material that can grow better with your swelling feet. You can also replace laces with elastic.

Final thoughts:

Your maternity look is your personal choice. Buy clothes and shoes that you find the most comfortable and stylish. There is no universal rulebook for making these personal choices. You can use these tips to make wise decisions.

Whatever else you choose to wear, don’t forget to wear your smile too! Pregnancy is going to be one of the most memorable parts of your life, after all.

Sinead O'Donovan
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Sinead helps women in their health and well-being journey. Sinead works with SRC Health to provide continuous support and relief of pain during pregnancy and faster C-section recovery in 4th trimester. Her mission is to support women through all stages of life.
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