The Don Kap discusses his new single, “Cannot Listen”

The Don Kap discusses his new single, “Cannot Listen”
Ethan Zvi Kaplan, The Don Kap.

The Don Kap (real name Ethan Zvi Kaplan) is a musician, writer, director and producer who makes both music and movies. His new single, “Cannot Listen”, is a diss track about fake people and is already his most popular song on Spotify. The Don Kap also has a movie coming out in August called “Sex and the Future”.

How did you get into music?
By watching MTV TRL at age 9 because my older sister forced me to.

What about filmmaking?
Naturally I wanted to make music videos myself. This got me into music and then eventually studying film production in college and then getting a masters in it.

Where did your stage name “The Don Kap” come from?
My last name is Kaplan and I’m a don, therefore THE DON KAP.

What inspired your new single “Cannot Listen”?
I dumped my best friend of 25 years after he was becoming jealous of me and trying to continuously “one-up” me. He was selfish and couldn’t handle my rise. He’s a fake, a phony. And even he knows it.

How would you describe your style?
In your face, factual and honest. I expose fakes.

Has your musical style changed over time?
I used to rap about immature shit like drinking, partying, etc. Now i rap about theories, facts, and reality.

What is your movie “Sex and the Future” about?
A group of loser guys start a sex robot company to help their sex lives and achieve fame in the process. It doesn’t go as planned for them : )

Did you struggle with juggling the writing, directing and producing of the film?
Yes, it was stressful AF. I also dealt with some fakes on the way and greedy people. I’m too strong though.

Thank you Ethan for sharing your thoughts!
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Ethan Zvi Kaplan
Ethan Zvi Kaplan