Life in Hollywood South: An interview with Armando Leduc

Armando Leduc is the founder of his own video production company, Leduc Entertainment. The company is well-established, courtesy of Leduc’s 10+ years of experience in the industry.

With offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Atlanta, Leduc Entertainment handles a variety of amazing video production projects, ranging from major studio film productions to commercials for corporate agencies. He has acted in such projects as Prisonbreak, The Purge, Green Lantern, and When the Game Stands Tall.

Armando was able to answer a few of our questions about his business and life in the world of movies.

Armando, how did you get involved with the video production industry?

I grew up as a bit of a military brat, so I always had an active imagination and was always coming up with stories and producing little short films. A lot of people who try to break into the industry often struggle or fail, so there was certainly a degree of hesitation and uncertainty when I decided that I wanted to get involved with the movie business.

Currently, I own and operate two production companies in the New Orleans area.  Leduc Entertainment is a creative based production company that shoots commercials, music videos, acting reels, and social media ads.

My other main business is Sketchy Characters Productions, which is a film and television production company that produces comedies, fantasy, sci fi, and comedy horror projects. When it comes to idea creation, I like to draw from my years of experiences of working on World Famous Bourbon Street, which has been a sea of inspiration for our zany characters and wild stories.

In my time in the industry, I’ve received several awards for best director, best film, and best screenplay awards.  Some of my well-known credits include Bourbon Whiz, Bad Grandmas, Last Spring Break, Life on Bourbon and Heart.  We’re currently in pre-production for The Chronicles of Count Carlos, which will be a vampire comedy set in New Orleans.  My ultimate dream is to win an EGOT – an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony Award.

Does Leduc Entertainment handle the entire video creation process?

We handle everything from concept to creation.  We usually sit down with the client and do a deep dive into their background, style, and image so that when we put the video together it has a feel that resonates with our client and what they are trying to achieve.

What kinds of videos does Leduc Entertainment produce (i.e. advertisements, educational videos, entertainment etc.)? 

We produce commercials, educational videos, music videos, weddings, social media campaigns, acting reels, and documentaries. We love working across a range of industries, and we believe this experience makes us a better, more informed video agency to work with.

What would you say are the key elements in a successful video project?

I would say the key to a successful video project is to make sure you handle all the details in pre- production. At the end of the day, clarity is the most important thing – everyone needs to be on the same page. This will ensure that the day of the shoot is seamless and fun, with little to no stress. Make sure the client understands every step and executing the plan.

I know you also do wedding videos – what different challenges does this offer compared to commercial video production?

When we are doing weddings, we don’t have a second chance to get the special moments. Consequently, we need to make sure we are locked and loaded, and ready for any impromptu moments (whenever they may occur). Luckily, we have been doing this a long time, so we never miss our moment.

What would be some of the better-known works you have been involved in?

We do all the videos for the famous Haunted History tours in New Orleans and we’ve won several awards for our work in this area, including best picture, best cinematography, best directing and best screenplay.

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer or videographer?

I would recommend staying with it, keep learning and keep updating your equipment to the newest product available.  Technology changes daily and so does production. Furthermore, I would say that learning how to network will keep you in business, while bolstering your sales and connections.  My sales training has been the single most important asset I’ve been able to bring to my production business.

Armando Leduc is a highly successful filmmaker, actor and coach to aspiring actors. He has worked across a variety of film projects and has a plethora of experience in the industry. If you are trying to break into the industry and think you’ll need some help along the way, Armando is the perfect person to get in touch with.

Thank you Armando for sharing your thoughts!
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