The challenges of moving to a new house in Montreal

When you move house in Montreal you face the unavoidable problem of how to get all of your possessions from your old home to the new. This will include packing, possibly throwing out a lot of old furniture and appliances and transporting large items – which will require a truck, no matter how close the place you are moving to is.

According to Alex Lafontaine from TrustMove – moving in Montreal is made harder by the fact that the city is on the junction of several rivers, so there is a good chance that you will need to cross at least one bridge with all of your kitchen appliances and furniture. If you are moving to the other side of the city you could end up going across 3 or even more, which will add quite a bit of time and difficulty to the journey as bridges frequently end up being a choke point for traffic.

Due to this, and the natural difficulty in packing up your large possessions, calling a Montreal moving company is almost a necessity when you relocate – unless you happen to have access to a truck and several muscular friends/relatives!

A local Montreal moving company will not only carry out your instructions in moving and keep your property safe during the transfer, they will also offer advice based on their experience. This advice could be about just about any aspect of the move, from the best ways to store your furniture to whether or not all your old stuff will fit in the new place.

They will also have specialty equipment to keep anything fragile safe as it is driven across the city, and may even offer specialty wrapping and hangers to keep your expensive dresses and/or suits nice and clean! They will also be able to help you to disassemble and rebuild any flatpack furniture, and pack the truck in a way that keeps everything both secure and fully intact.

If you are moving to another city or town (or even province) then an experienced Montreal moving company will also be incredibly useful. The city is the second biggest in Canada (behind Toronto) and sees a lot of relocation each year, so most removalists from Montreal will have done their fair share of long-distance truck drives!

Your Montreal moving team will also have the equipment and manpower to safely transport all of your goods across the country to your new home. They might even be able to offer you storage if you have an issue with the timeline of your relocation, so that you can have everything brought to the new house when it is ready!

A lot of your goods will need to be wrapped up for transport, and this is another area where a Montreal moving company will excel. They will be able to safely and efficiently pack everything for you, from your dishes and wine glasses through to tables, chairs and wardrobes. They will probably have special packaging and materials for transporting delicate stuff as well.

Furniture frequently can be dismantled to make it easier to move. If you have flatpack furniture then your Montreal movers will be able to disassemble it to make it easier to transport and then install it and rebuild it for you in the new house. This makes your life a lot easier when you are already struggling with your other moving dramas!

Commercial moving around Montreal is another situation where you might hire local removalists. If you have a lot of office equipment and files then getting a team of professionals will make everything much easier, and minimise the disruption to your business. It also reduces the stress on your employees.

A Montreal moving company can be very helpful in a range of moving situations, whether residential or commercial, and both local and long-distance. If you are moving to or from a house in Montreal, give a local team of professional removalists a call!


Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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