UV lenses are the perfect addition to your Halloween costume

Costume shops enjoy a re-birth every year when October approaches. After all, it’s Halloween on the 31st of October! Most of us will be reluctant to admit it I’m sure but when Halloween approaches, the little child inside of us jumps for joy!

The costumes, the makeup, and the disguises – it’s everything you could want!

As we grow older, our costume aspirations grow past the tutus and the Frankenstein (all it took was a suit and some red lipstick). We want something more realistic, more terrifying and more daring. This is where UV lenses come in.

Halloween looks for UV lenses!

So let’s dive straight into the good stuff! Contact lenses have really been a game changer where Halloween looks are concerned. Not that costumes were any less alluring without them, but see when you go as a cat woman, for instance, you can perfect everything:

  • Sleek ponytail: lots of gel and a straightening iron: check!
  • Cat eyes? Simple: the blackest liner you can find (important tip: shouldn’t smudge!)
  • A slim and structured face: contour kits for the win!
  • Tail? Yes, please! Often comes with the costume itself.

So like I said, everything can be addressed. One thing you couldn’t do before is the slit in the eye. Now, however, with lenses of all kinds being available pretty easily this too can be done. Head to toe you can now be immersed in the character you want to go as.

Due to the wide availability of a diverse range of Halloween contact lenses our costumes can finally be super realistic!

New TV shows and serials which have become popular have also given us a multitude of new characters to go as.

Costumes & characters for UV Lenses:

The White Walkers

white walkers Game of Thrones
Montreal Canada: Game of Thrones White Walkers and Hodor taking part in the Zombie Walk in Montreal Downtown. Source: Mbruxelle, BS

Game of Thrones has obviously made a place in our hearts and for good reason too! The intrigue, drama and constantly twisting plot have us on the edge all the time.

The ratings for the show have proven without a doubt what a huge success it has been. The show has also introduced one character everyone vies to go as on Halloween: the white walkers!

White walkers are terrifying indeed. They have these blazing blank eyes that of course, no makeup could do justice too. And anyway you can’t very well paint your eyeballs! And well, there is no need to even try.

Glass White lenses are now being sold pretty commonly and they are truly a blessing for anyone frantically searching for the perfect costume accessories. They are milky white with only a black outline for an even more petrifying effect.


Vampire costume. Source: Ruth Archer, Pixabay

It’s not just a dress that makes the look come alive you know. The makeup, hair, and expressions are all things that help make the character look convincing. Costumes are a child’s play – they’re available on all local stores and pretty good ones too! But haven’t we all seen adorable little kids in vampire costumes too?

To set yourself apart – you need something more, something that puts every aspect of your costume together and that’s Halloween contact lenses!

The Vampire Diaries was another popular show with fans (particularly females) absolutely drooling over the male leads. This led to a wave of people dressing up as vampires on Halloween. I can safely say every pretends vampire I encountered failed to leave an impression for me at least.

They would have the attire down to the T, but that feral look in the eyes that lends character to the whole person would be missing. Now, however, the story is completely different. Characters donning the dull, garb with those haunting red eyes staring back at you will give you the goosebumps for sure!

Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead
Source: Englishlikeanative, Pixabay

For this particular look, there are so many things you could try! A Dracula look would be awesome too. If you’re hosting a party at your own place, then red contacts along with you rising from a coffin would be an entrance people will remember for a long time!

Another idea could be to dress up as something that’s been trending massively on social media, especially for make-up artists. A skeleton bride!

It’s a unique idea that’s been making quite the rounds on the internet. Be warned though that this particular look requires considerable proficiency in makeup as extensive expertise goes into creating it! However, white lenses can really help it all come together in a horrifying way!

Using contact lenses to enhance Halloween looks is a great idea. However, you must ensure you use contacts of good quality and take all the proper precautions such as washing hands before handling lenses and using hypoallergenic makeup products. These safeguards will ensure you don’t harm your eyes in all the fun!

Qais Ahmaadi
Qais Ahmaadi
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