The benefits of gardening for adults

Have you got a green thumb? If you answered “yes”, you may very well have no need to read any further! You definitely understand that gardening is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have in their own backyard!

If you aren’t aware yet, gardening is simply amazing. That’s all that should need to be said about it, however it is understandable that you may not be fully convinced. Perhaps you need some reasons why you should grab yourself a pair of gloves and a shovel and start growing your very own plants.

If this is the case, here are a few of the reasons why gardening is the way to go for anyone looking for a new hobby!

Gardening Benefit #1: Finance

You may be confused as to why finance comes into question when discussing gardening and the answer is simple: Self-sufficiency.

Everyone dreams of growing their own food and reaping the benefits of a cheaper and healthier diet, but not many people realise just how easy that is to do! Having a green thumb doesn’t take years of experience to get. It just takes a little tiny bit of effort and you’re green as a bean!

Planting plants that provide you and your family with fresh vegetables and fruit is one of the greatest decisions you can make in your home. Try planting some tomato seeds and some fresh herbs to spice up your everyday cooking!

Gardening Benefit #2: Relaxing

Gardening is nowhere near as hard work as it is made out to be. In actual fact, spending time in the garden, working on making sure your plants are healthy and thriving is one of the most therapeutic experiences life has to offer.

Watching your plants grow from small seeds to great green bushes, trees and otherwise is seriously relaxing. Plant a few flowers and watch them blossom! Plant a seasonal fruit tree such as mangoes or mulberries and wait until that special time each year when you can pluck the fruits and enjoy them!

Gardening is a fun and rewarding experience. Not a hassling chore that just adds to your daily task list. Plants look after themselves and the best way to frame your mind is, rather than seeing yourself as the gardener, see yourself as a guide.

Gardening Benefit #3: Educational

gardening benefits
Gardening is actually a very educational experience. Photo: KoliadzynskaIryna, Bigstock

When most people think of gardening as an educational subject, they consider that it means for children only. This is far from the case, as many adults can benefit from learning a thing or two about what having a green thumb truly means.

For starters, growing your own plants will provide you a confidence boost that revolves around your own sense of independence. Being able to grow, harvest, cook and eat your own meals without even stepping foot off of your own property is something every adult needs to try.

The experience is enriching, that is to say, for life. On top of teaching confidence and independence, gardening will enable anyone who tries it to grasp exactly what it means to grow and harvest food. A newfound appreciation will come with those beautiful home-grown beetroots.

That appreciation will be for the process that the plants go through when growing, and not only the work you have put into them. Watching a plant grow from seed, to a living life-form is absolutely stunning.

Gardening Benefit #4: Fun

Lastly, but certainly not the least of all the points that can be made about why you should garden is…fun! Whether you have children or not, stepping outside on a mild, cloudy day with a pitcher of cordial and the kids (if you have them) is one of life’s greatest pass-times.

No matter who you are, no matter what walk of life, taking the time to grow your garden will be thoroughly enjoyable for you and your whole family.

If that isn’t enough to get a consensus, think about how much the kids will learn without even realising it! On top of that, how easy will it be to get them to eat their vegetables when they grew them!

In Summary

Now that is all said, you should be excited and ready to get out there and get your hands dirty! Yep, you will get your hands dirty. That is literally the only downside to growing and sustaining your own garden.

Growing your own garden will take a little while to see results you want, but with a little tender, love and caring, you will have a full-fledged, self-sustaining, sustenance providing super-garden at your disposal that is equipped with everything you need to stay healthy, relaxed and loving life!

Get out there today and see what you can create with just a few seeds and a little patience (and water, don’t forget water). Your dream garden is just a few short steps from your back door.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
Grace is an entrepreneur with a unique passion for all things blogging. She has worked with a number of different businesses assisting their profitability and success rate.
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