A step-by-step guide for choosing the right tiles for your home

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Whether you are building a new home or giving a makeover to your old one, there are loads of tile options available out there in the Australian market. If you’re thinking of going for tiles but don’t have any idea where to begin or if you’re worried about making the wrong decisions, read along and follow our simple step-by-step guide.

Give your home the makeover it deserves

We all are familiar with the fact that tiles are a key element in most home makeover projects. They are among the best choices for setting the tone, colour and style of a particular area, giving it a polished, finished look when done correctly.

But when you’re choosing the perfect tiles for floors and walls of your space, frankly speaking, it comes with lots of considerations. For example, you have to take care of the aesthetic, style, theme, maintenance and most importantly, the budget. Tiles are generally a one-time investment that can have many good and bad consequences. A wrong decision can cause wastage of your time, money and space also. That is why it’s better to stay prepared before taking any decision.

A step-by-step guide to follow when choosing wall and floor tiles

With careful planning and research, you can avoid the most common costly mistakes that come with tiles flooring whilst giving your home a makeover it deserves. Now, let’s get straight to the steps and learn how to pick the right tiles for every corner of your home.

  • Determine the space and areas

First things first, decide where you are going to lay the tiles. As different tiles are suitable for different areas and purposes, you should know where you are going to place them. Some tiles like terrazzo tiles are designed for floors only whereas some for walls. There are also some tiles that can be used for both, such as mosaic tiles. For floor tiles, consider the traffic requirement of that specific area. Ideally, you need to have a clear idea of where you would like your tiles to be placed and what theme you want to create before you step ahead.

Pro Tip: You can use the same tiles on the walls and floors to create a harmonious look.

  • Set your budget

When it comes to making changes to your home, everything revolves around your budget. From your tile’s style to colour, pattern to texture, nothing can be finalised if your budget is not decided first. This is why you need to set your budget based on your space and its requirement. Also, keep in mind the fact that tiles are a long-term home improvement product. Therefore, do not compromise on their quality.

Pro tip: Purchase 5% to 10% more tiles than you require (to cover the broken or damaged tiles).

  • Choose the perfect size and style

Another key step to choose the right tiles for your home is to find out which style and size looks good with your space. Look for the tile size which is going to perfectly work in that particular area. This will also help you make your room look bigger or smaller. If you want to make a room appear bigger, larger tiles are best and vice versa. For irregular surfaces that may not be perfectly straight, mosaic styles are an ideal choice. Just think about the proportions of your space and then pick the right one.

Pro tip: Consider placing larger tiles on the floor and smaller ones on the wall.

  • Select the right colour

The colour of your tiles can create a huge impact on the aesthetic value of your space. But how to decide what shades to opt for? Well, there are a few simple things you need to consider such as: white tiles look bright and light, making a small area look bigger, but they are not easy to keep clean. Also, grey or black coloured tiles are good for making a small room appear dark. You can choose light and cream colours to give your space a calm look. At the end of the day, it is totally up to you what theme you want to create.

Pro tip: Make sure that your wall and floor tiles look nice together.

  • Consider maintenance work for the future

Everyone prefers tiles that are easy to maintain and clean. So it becomes important to consider what degree of maintenance your tiles need. Opt for the tiles that do not require much care if you are one of those who don’t have enough time to clean them. Porcelain and feature tiles have low-maintenance and can be cleaned using a mop. You can also go ahead with wooden tiles as they do not require sealing and sanding often.

Pro tip: You can keep high-traffic areas covered with rugs and runners for having low-maintenance of the tiles.

  • Get tiles from a reputed retailer

Once you are done deciding on the type, style, colour and size of the tiles you would like for your home, the final step is contacting a trusted and reputed tile provider. Talk to some good retailers in your area and get estimates for your tiles requirement. Subsequently, choose the right one among them. Also, a good retailer will answer all your queries and may bring to your attention things you may not have considered.

The bottom line

Tiles have become one of the most popular products in modern home renovation and interior design. They are versatile, long-lasting and have low maintenance. Based on all that you’ve read so far, you are now well-prepared to make the right decision on tiles. Just remember that it’s easier to prevent damage than to repair it. So, take your time to research and plan and then invest wisely.

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