How to a plan and design your perfect wooden hut

Your log cabin

A log cabin is probably the go-to fantasy of every nature lover out there. It’s not just about the primordial texture of the building material or the fact that it’s eco-friendly. The thing is that the very idea of what a woodland getaway is supposed to look like is engraved in our minds. This mental image is one of a wooden hut. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several tips and tricks on what a perfect wooden hut design is supposed to be.

1. How much does it cost?

The first question worth asking is how much does it cost to build a log cabin. The answer to this question relies on several factors. First, you need to keep in mind the duration of the construction, which usually takes between eight and nine months. Then, there’s the question of whether you build it on your own or you hire a construction crew. The cost of construction can be between $125 and $175 per square foot. Then, it would be best if you asked whether you own the lot that the cabin is going to be constructed in. The cost of an average cabin that is built by professionals with the acquisition of the land can cost between $175,000 and $350,000. The size of the cabin is also a huge factor in determining the price.

2. Consider the number of visitors

The question you have to ask before choosing an adequate size for your cabin is the number of visitors. Is this the kind of place that you want to visit yourself in a quest for solitude, or is it a place that you’re planning for group visits? A lot of people plan family vacations or gather their group of friends for parties in the wilderness. This is a functional asset, and, as such, it needs to serve its purpose. Otherwise, you would have to improvise and lower everyone’s enjoyment levels unnecessarily.

3. The type of logs

The most important question here is the type of materials that you will use in the construction process. Handcrafted logs will give you the most organic feel, yet, they are somewhat more expensive than their counterparts. Milled logs, log siding, and log home packages are more frugal and, with the right plan and execution method, they can give quite impressive results. Trying to see examples of how different materials look in practice may give you a better idea of what to expect. Getting quality construction timber is vital in the quality of the result of your construction project.

4. The lookout

One more interesting idea for you to consider is a lookout cabin with a tiny upstairs and a practical balcony. This way, you’re still within the small home movement statistics regarding the cost of the project and the costs of home maintenance. Provided that the cabin is in the right spot, you get to improve the view drastically. You get more living space, which is quite essential from the maximum number of visitors we’ve already discussed. You can even download your plans in PDF form online and print them later on.

5. The process

When it comes to the construction process itself, it all comes down to a simple step-by-step process, which isn’t that different from a traditional construction process. We’re talking about: laying digging the foundation, laying the logs, stilling them, and installing the floor. Then, you can proceed with the log wall construction, install doors and windows and, finally, lay down the roof. The thing is that each of these steps requires quite a bit of research on your part, provided that you’re doing it on your own or with a group of friends.

Please keep in mind that a poor foundation will quickly succumb to the elements, leaving you with nothing but a collapsed pile of debris. During the process, you can use a professional’s advice. You don’t want to see all your efforts end in vain. The more time you spend on planning the process, the more comfortable and better your work will be.

6. How to relax it up

You all probably spend a lot of time using technology every day, in your car, in your house, etc. By making your hut a techno-free environment, you can have a relaxing time all of us need. You can even go further and make it feel like the good old days, using old school furniture, retro lamps, old Persian carpets, and landscape pictures. Doing this will make your hut more special, a place where your family and friends come to relax and have quality time.

You can also have one of those “no cellphones here” signs. Do not think of having a TV there (watch all your TV series in your living room), but instead you can have a portable video projector and a curtain to watch the recordings of your wedding, birthdays, etc.

6. Maintenance

The 800-year-old wooden church in Norway is proof about how long your hut can last. There are a few tips you can use to make your wooden hut last longer.

  • Prevention is better than a cure. Protect your wood from rain during construction and also try to minimize its exposure to rain.
  • According to the weather condition of your place, you can choose a suitable paint to use.
  • Check for leaks and breaks
  • Keep your shed pest-free

In conclusion

The value of this construction is two-fold. First, you get a valuable asset that you can sell at any point in order to raise capital for an important project. Second, you get a unique retreat. Spending time there is even more satisfying, seeing as how you have the privilege of knowing that you’ve built the place with your own bare hands. Still, even having a construction crew do this for you will leave you satisfied, as long as the work is executed properly.

There is no feeling like having your own wooden hut, the one you have planned, designed, and built. Maintaining the hut will be your priority from now on.

Zac Walker is in his late twentieth. He is a part-time writer, loves writing and is happy about sharing his enthusiasm with everyone in the world through his posts.
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