Stan Lee’s daughter files lawsuit against former assistant

J.C. Lee, Stan Lee’s 69-year-old daughter has filed a $25 million lawsuit on one of the Marvel creator’s former personal assistants as per TMZ’s reports.

Lee’s daughter is suing Bradley Herman for slander after Herman came on the Stan Lee’s World podcast hosted by Alan Duke that started three days after the Marvel icon’s passing. In the podcast, Herman said that J.C. grabbed her father by the neck and slammed him on a chair.

TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit where Joan Celia (J.C.) said the allegations on the podcast after just a few days after Stan passed away stating that J.C. ‘took her father by the neck’ and slammed his head into a wooden portion of a chair.

The documents stated that according to J.C., Herman’s accusations were untrue. She states that she has never hit his father nor try to choke him out. J.C. thinks that Herman’s claims were a way for the man to exact revenge against her after being fired from his job in early 2018. The Marvel mogul’s daughter also claimed that the former assistant stole from her father before being dismissed from his job and said that Herman would forge Stan Lee’s signature for his own nefarious purposes.

In April of 2018, Herman also had the allegation that J.C. was physically abusive towards her elderly father when he talked with The Hollywood Reporter. Herman stated that the incident happened winter of 2014 where J.C. was irate at her father for getting a brand new Jaguar for her using his name instead of getting the luxury car as a gift for her. The former personal assistant also claimed that J.C. touted her parents, both Stan and her mother Joanie who passed away in 2017 expletives before pushing her mother.

During her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Herman confronted J.C. and told her that he was fed up with her being an ungrateful b***h and apparently told her that he would throw her in an apartment and take away all her credit. Herman then claimed that J.C. would immediately attack her father and said that he had photos to serve as evidence and document the bruising on Stan’s head. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Herman had indeed shown them the pictures.

According to Herman, Stan and Joanie asked him not to take the information and photos public in their attempts to protect their daughter and family and had agreed to their request.

This will turn ugly, especially if Herman goes public with the said photographs of Stan’s bruising after the alleged attack from his daughter. J.C. is also suing the podcast host Alan Duke.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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