Sky Trammell talks about Goldstar ATM and its place in the banking sector

Sky Trammell became CEO of Goldstar ATM in 2006. During his tenure, Goldstar’s profitability increased significantly. Goldstar ATM is a provider of ATMs and ATM-based services to various clients and businesses. While Goldstar provides the ATM, all profits are split 50/50 between the business and Goldstar. An ATM can be installed permanently on your location for free, or temporarily, particularly if you’re hosting a large-scale event or festival.

Sky, how did Goldstar ATM come about and what continues to be its purpose?

In 2001, my mother and I started Goldstar as a business partnership. We strive to be the best source and solution for all your ATM needs.

How does Goldstar ATM seek to differentiate itself from competitors? 

In our opinion, it is our price, availability and ease of setup that allows us to clearly differentiate Goldstar from our main competitors in the ATM industry.

How important are ATMs to a business’ profitability?

We feel that having an ATM machine can increase a business’ profitability quite substantially. This is because it allows all businesses to have a cash payment option (and also fee collection), meaning it is supremely beneficial to those businesses which are cash only. It also allows businesses to save money on credit card sales and fees.

What products and services does Goldstar ATM provide to its clients and local businesses?

We offer a wide variety of ATM services. Firstly, we provide repairs services for ATMs, as well as providing the necessary parts and supplies should any malfunctions occur. Likewise, we also distribute new ATMs and have an extensive range of different ATM brands available. For those unable to purchase an ATM, we do provide leasing and rental alternatives, and can provide on-site support when needed.

In your opinion, how has the ATM changed the modern banking sector?

When ATMs were introduced, they offered a faster and more convenient method of cash retrieval. This was perfect for those preferring to use cash for any payments. In addition, it allows banks to charge a small fee for offering a great service. Many bank customers still use ATM machines on a daily basis for getting out cash or making deposits etc.

Do you think there will always be a place for ATMs in the business world and contemporary banking transactions?

We feel to this day, as well as into the future with things like cryptocurrencies, ATMs are a great option for any bank or business and will continue to be widely used.

Thank you Sky for your sharing your thoughts.
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