Kris Degioia discusses her no-nonsense approach to digital marketing

Digital marketing practitioners won’t hesitate to admit that the industry can be full of controversy, unethical business practices and outright disaster. A lot of the time it takes a strong work ethic, patience and an ability to learn from past mistakes in order to be successful.

Kris Degioia has seen and done a lot over her career, continuing to grow and expand several of her brands. Here’s what she had to say about her achievements and learning experiences with digital marketing:

How did you get your start in digital marketing and what drew you to the industry?

I was a senior vp at Google for 10 years. After I had my son I put in my two year notice. I was tired of traveling 95% each month. A year after I left Google I started my digital marketing firm with 34 clients, which has now grown into 800 clients world wide.

What prompted you to start your marketing firm WTF multimedia and what challenges did you face in bringing it to life?

The main reason I started WTF Multimedia was because digital marketing is all I’ve ever known. I knew how it worked like the back of my hand, so it only made sense to keep doing what I knew.

In what ways has your approach to digital marketing changed over time?

Regardless of what the internet states, I’m far from a “social media marketing/digital guru” and if anyone tells you they are one or actually believes they are one then RUN! Every 30-60 seconds, a new trend pops up, there is a new platform, etc.

Just like Captain America’s shield it defies all laws of physics. There is no way humanly possible to be an expert under every category of social and digital marketing.

What are the most common mistakes you see performed in digital marketing and what advice would you give businesses that are new to it?

I actually have a video on YouTube to answer this question.

What inspired the idea for your business: Mom ‘n Tot Box?

I didn’t start Mom and Tot Box. I bought the company, back in February. I am currently pregnant with twins and on bedrest. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and keep me busy.

What I didn’t know what the previous owner had no idea what she was doing, so we have spent the past months fixing past mistakes to be able to get the company to where it finally is today.

What kind of challenges have you faced in marketing your clothing store: Savage & Fierce?

Savage&Fierce and fierce is a sunglasses line, not my clothing line. S&F was created for brand awareness, and I haven’t faced one challenge with it. Everything has came together quite smoothly.

What have you done differently in marketing for Cryptic?

Cryptic was formed to help victims of cyber crimes. Being a federal cyberstalking victim, and advocate myself, I wanted to help others. I wouldn’t change a thing about Cryptic.

I raised awareness by telling my story and bringing others on board that were victims to tell their stories. Because of this my story actually won “Top Marketing Content Of The Year 2017” award.

I want to make it clear that was never my intentions and I did not even submit my story for that. Another company used my story without my permission. I didn’t even know about it until I got a google alert from a Forbes article regarding it. Lifetime also produced a movie about my story.

You have developed a reputation as an honest and outspoken personality as well as a successful entrepreneur, has this helped or hindered you?

I’m known for being brutally honest because I am. I don’t sugarcoat anything, I don’t give false expectations and I always produce results.

Which is very rare in my industry. I’ve never changed who I am, honesty can get you very far in the world today and I’m living proof of that.

Key takeaways for readers

Kris’ story reinforces the importance of being vigilant when seeking consultancy in types of work you are unfamiliar with. It’s incredibly easy for shady practitioners to make vague promises for work that does little more than burn a hole in your wallet.

For digital marketing practitioners Kris highlights the need to remain constantly learning and self-improving as a marketer. She makes it clear that authoritative expertise in this discipline comes from the ability to understand and adapt new strategies rather than dogmatically following one method.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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