Shinya reflects on his SEO career and shares SEO tips

Shinya is the founder of Search Engine Theory, an SEO and online marketing website that specializes in providing digital marketing for individuals and businesses. The firm cares about delivering authentic, ethical SEO services in an online world that’s filled with spam.

What is your background in digital marketing? What motivated you to run Search Engine Theory?

My background in digital marketing started when I was in Japan working as an online blogger. My blog that I published was geared towards those who were interested in studying the English language. I had no idea what Search Engine Optimization was and I found myself struggling. I wanted to get a higher rank in Google and have my blog be the first thing to appear first.

I left Japan and studied Digital Marketing at University of California, Irvine. After I graduated, I started to work for a digital marketing firm.

Here, I learned the SEO methods and I decided to teach SEO to Japanese bloggers. In Japan we are not taught about Search Engine Optimization, as this is something that we would have to learn by trial-and-error. I wanted to assist my fellow bloggers in Japan, so I decided to create a website that provided practical SEO tips to help them increase Search Engine Optimization.

What motivates me to run Search Engine Theory is the simple fact of increasing traffic flow and having my content appear first. I consider myself to be very results-driven.

How people can get their website on the top of Google search results? Are there special techniques?

I feel like the number one tool that is useful in order for people to get their websites on the top ranking of Google search results is understanding that Google uses their own algorithm to determine who would be in the higher-ranking. There are a lot of rules when it comes to ranking highest in Google. The most important factors are related to inbound links, the intent of keyword, page speed, user experience on page, content and numerous technical SEO specifications.

Google updates their algorithms every few months and Google is getting much smarter than it used to be. From my personal experiences, SEO experts used a technique that would cheat Google. This resulted in false rankings which allowed their webpages to be on top of Google search results.

The easiest way to get to the top of Google search results is to create noteworthy content and promote it. In the long run, you should spend a lot of time on creating useful, shareable, and  in-depth content. which can naturally earn backlinks. It might take time for Google evaluate your content but your content will be the top of Google search results if it provides exactly what your target audience is looking for.

Does Google and other search engines change the way to show the SEO results? What are the most recent trends in SEO?

Yes, Bing and other search engines do not have the complex algorithms as Google does. That means Google can figure out user intent, user experience, relevant keywords, etc. Unfortunately when it comes to the other search engines, you have to give them a little more information for them to understand your content.

More and more people are using Google as a search engine option, most of your Google optimization efforts will work well for the other search engines and you should be careful when you use Google.

I would say the most recent trends in SEO is the rise of Google search result pages. For example, Google started to show rich snippets, paid results, universal results and knowledge graph. One should consider these features when it comes to getting the traffic to your website since these features get the most attention from organic listings.

Google can understand the user intent very well so it is extremely important to think why certain listings are on the top of the search engine result pages.

Is there a difference of doing SEO for websites based on WordPress? What is involved in the process of SEO?

In response to that question, I personally can not say if WordPress is the best SEO website platform. However, from my personal experiences using WordPress works well for SEO, especially if you are a beginner. WordPress has HTML pages that are easily understandable by search engines and has also SEO friendly permalinks. You can also install plugins which enhance your website speed and can carry out SEO tasks a lot more effectively.

WordPress can take care of pretty much everything in regards to SEO. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about anything. You can save more time and focus on your content creations. If you want to rank  higher in Google for an extended amount of time, you should follow Google’s guidelines.

Google tries to eliminate spam and will deliver the most relevant results to users. The SEO standard process consists of the following ; keyword research, On and Off-page SEO, and measurement of results. Google changes their algorithms every few months. The SEO tactics you may have followed in the past may not work right now.

It is extremely important to keep up with your knowledge about the latest happenings in the SEO industry.

How are you planning on expanding your business in the future?

I plan on expanding my business in the future as follows by focusing on search engine optimization specifically for Google. In doing so I see that more people are using YouTube as an outlet to become better informed about topics like this.

YouTube has been gaining popularity where users are utilizing it for information. This has not only gained popularity but has become the second largest search engine in the world.

I personally watch YouTube and I completely understand why this is a popular search engine for users. I want to jump on the YouTube bandwagon and produce noteworthy content for my users to watch. I know Google and YouTube are totally different and I know that I can not use SEO tactics for YouTube.

However, YouTube videos utilize optimization just like any other website. People utilize the YouTube search engine bar to search for topics of Interest. Therefore the goal here is to ensure that the keywords that they are typing in appear first.

As an SEO Analyst, It is my responsibility to increase the chances of a person’s content appearing first in both Google and YouTube.

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