SEO: 3 Essential Kick-starters

The digital spectrum has grown rapidly over the years. It has reached new heights, thanks to the internet and the optimization of every content that goes up.

With content sprouting from every corner of the world, it is necessary to create a robust plan for optimizing your content online. In today’s competitive market, SEO is a necessary activity for every business to grow and prosper.

While coming up with a solid SEO strategy, it is necessary to be mindful of these 3 things:

  • Increasing Crawlability
  • Impactful Content
  • Offsite Linking

Following these thumb rules have the probability to change your SEO and digital marketing game at large. It will drastically increase the ROI for your B2B or B2C brands. Laying out the SEO plan is the key to kickstarting your digital marketing ballgame. Let’s deep dive into these essentials:

In order to appear in the search results and get a better ranking, the first task is to make your website visible to the crawlers. For all the first timers out there, kickstarting the SEO activity can be tricky. For starters, with the help of a web designer, it is important to create the website’s robots.txt file. Many brands neglect this necessary pointer very often but this is what makes a major difference for SEO activity. This activity will greatly help the crawlers to find your website. Improving the sitemap helps in indexing the structure of the website. Expand and update the sitemap of your website which includes the categories, product/service pages and the subcategories. After updating the robots.txt you should immediately submit it to the search engines which enables them to crawl your websites at the earliest.

Tip: Plug-in technologies like Silverlight or Flash are not visible to the engine crawlers, you should convert the content file to JavaScript or HTML5.

  • Impactful content

The next step to build a great SEO strategy is to optimize the content on your website. Pick and choose relevant SEO keywords and use it into your website content. This will greatly improve the ranking of the website by leveraging the content. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner for a better understanding of the keywords that are performing well. The tool also displays the top searched keywords based on ROI and volume – details like these will help you choose the correct keywords for your website. It is also necessary to choose long tail keywords to increase the chances of ranking in the future.

Few but quality keywords along with the content make a greater impact for successful SEO. Use the selected keywords not only on for the content but also for meta tags and alt tags on the website starting with the top performing pages to the subcategories and categories.

Tip: Optimize relevant keywords first to boost the overall ROI of your business, the remaining pages can then follow. Once these pages start performing well, they will automatically boost the performance of your website. Working one step at a time on your website page is beneficial for the long run.

  • Offsite linking

It is often misunderstood that SEO is worked only on the website. For a rewarding SEO activity, there need to be activities outside the website too. Strategies similar to link building or leveraging social media platforms and positive reviews of influencers etc. should be activated for maximum advantage. Offsite linking and content optimization go hand in hand. The more SEO friendly the content is, the more impactful is the offsite linking activity. By shortlisting the influencers according to their social presence, you can activate them during your relevant campaign for which you need more noise. The demographics, niche, engagement etc. on their social media platforms are few parameters to keep in mind while you narrow down to the influencers.

Tip: Instead of collaborating with high profile influencers, you should consider working with micro influencers which will prove to be cost effective.

To summarize, to build a long run SEO strategy, the foundation should be robust. Crawlability is an accelerator to content optimization and optimization helps link building marketing. Together, these are the building blocks for everlasting search traffic for your website.

Pragnesh Tavadia
Pragnesh Tavadia
PragneshTavadia, CEO at MeraSEO which is a Digital Marketing Company based out of Mumbai. Having served a vast number of clients in these past 7 years. His experience and certifications enable him to have good knowledge of SEO, SMO, SEM, Web Design, Business, Digital Marketing etc
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