Scott Cooper’s Antlers trailer tells a family’s dark secret

Trailer of Scott Cooper’s Antlers sheds light to the larger part of the story and it revealed more disturbing, darker and scarier plot of the film.

The movie which is directed by Cooper is based on the story of Nick Antosca (Channel Zero) and is produced by the brilliant director Guillermo del Toro who is well known for creating magical and eerie film like Pan’s Labyrinth and Shape of Water. At first, Fox Searchlight released the movie’s teaser where the boy, portrayed by Jeremy T. Thomas, can be seen telling story about a family of bear. His story is matched with some mysterious shots from the film almost parallel to his narrative.

The teaser did not reveal much of the story, in fact it kept the mystery of the movie well hidden. Viewers might be intrigued what the boy is up to after schooltime and what is his situation at home that he looked so frightened, leaving him curled up on one corner.

Finally, Fox Searchlight showed the anticipating crowd something more when it released the trailer for Scott Cooper’s Antlers. The movie, which is set in a small town in Oregon, is about a compassionate teacher played by Keri Russell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). According to Gizmodo, she is suspecting that one of her students might be facing a problem at home and that might need some help. She asked for help from brother (Jesse Plemons) who happens to be a sheriff in their town. She wants him to check the boy’s situation at home to see if her student is in danger.

The trailer also revealed that the boy, the boy seemed to be keeping a monster inside their house. He is seen making traps in the woods to catch wild animals in order to feed the monster hidden at their home. It seemed like everything is in control but one evening, he finds out that the monster escaped from its prison. Maybe it is safe to assume that the nightmare began at that moment.

Few shots of the creature were seen in the trailer. It is not clear who or what this monster is. Could it be a member of his family who just evolved into something hideous? Or is it born that way and the boy lived with his whole life alongside of it? The viewers would not be able to know unless they watch the whole film.

Scott Cooper’s Antlers with hit cinemas in 2020.
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