Saving small businesses: An interview with Bwanaz Co-founder, John Xie”

Bwanaz is a world-class wholesale platform that values the need for local businesses in the community. However, Bwanaz recognises the importance of using an online medium to connect local retailers to buyers across the United States. Bwanaz believes in the value of local businesses standing together, embracing change. With Bwanaz, many local businesses have been able to retain competitive advantages, despite growing competitive pressures in the modern market.

The company’s founder, John, was able to answer a few of our questions about Bwanaz, the industry and where it’s all heading.

Is Bwanaz a relevant company?

Of course, we believe that Bwanaz is relevant. When local businesses are struggling, we are there to help in the way of removing the obstacles that inhibit a local retailer’s ability to be successful. We want our retailers to be able to buy less and sell more.

Even though large industry giants are becoming more powerful and influential in their respective industries, the voice of local businesses should and always will have a place in the contemporary market. Our retail network benefits from higher margins because we are working together. Because of our work, many thousands of small business owners are creating pockets of devoted followers and customers across their country and the world.

Who have Bwanaz helped?

28.4 million businesses. Let that sink in. We’ve been fortunate enough to help millions of businesses across the world, especially in the United States. It’s important to remember that while large corporations dominate economic activity and the news tabloids, over 99% of businesses in the US are classified “small businesses.”

Bwanaz is helping these businesses by giving them a chance to survive in the intense, competitive market of the modern world. In the face of overwhelming competition, in the form of Amazon, eBay and other major players, Bwanaz is providing small businesses with supplies needed to run and operate their businesses effectively. Because of our established support network and affordable suppliers, we can provide small businesses with affordable and reliable goods. This is crucial for small businesses who are often unable to compete with large businesses because of a lack of scale.

Which category of products is the most popular with members?

It’s hard to discern which specific category gets the most notice and sales. A lot of members seem to be interested in electronic products, particularly computers. This is largely because electronic goods attract such expensive prices and customers are constantly looking for more affordable rates.

Likewise, our business and industrial section also generates a lot of traffic and interest. This section includes advertising and marketing products, signage, material handling and even dentistry services.

How does Bwanaz differentiate its offerings from the rest of the market?

One thing that we pride ourselves on is our shipping policy. Buyers who use our site are afforded several different shipping and delivery options. Sellers can provide buyers with “local pickup” options, while free shipping is also enabled on specified goods in 48 different states. Buyers can even find an estimated delivery timeline at the online checkout.

We believe that our return policy also reinforces the strength of our brand. Items can be returned within 14 days of receipt of shipment, however, it is important to remember that some products have different policies and requirements. For example, electronic goods cannot be returned (except when required by law), while hazardous materials and gift cards are also unable to be returned.

We also offer a special “holiday return” period, which occurs between November 1 and December 31. Items shipped during this period can be returned up until January 31 of the following year for a full refund. Baby items can be returned within 90 days of shipment for a full refund.

What goods cannot be sold via Bwanaz?

While we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of goods and services, there are some items that cannot be sold because of legal prohibitions. We do not engage in the sale of alcoholic beverages, damaged or defective units, food items, live animals, products with unauthorised marketing materials, tobacco products, vehicle tires or any other products that we deem unsuitable for our marketplace.

What other business avenues to you engage in?

We don’t just simply sell products via a central medium, we engage in a variety of business ventures. Customers can make money by becoming what is known as a “Bwanaz Affiliate”, which is a simple and lucrative program to join. Basically, it enables users to earn revenue by referring customers to our website, incurring 1.5% commission on any affiliate sales.

At the end of the day, Bwanaz is an online retailer devoted to helping small businesses achieve their goals. Given the rise of powerful, monopolistic retailers, like Amazon, the power of small businesses is slowly being eroded. However, with companies like Bwanaz, smaller firms will continue to have options to engage in competitive markets, build an edge and challenge those larger companies. If you think Bwanaz could help your business, check out their website today.

Thank you John for sharing your thought with us!
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