Sarah Hyland on carrying guilt as she lives with a chronic illness

Looking at Sarah Hyland’s life from the perspective of an outsider can lead people to conclude that the bubbly actress lives perfectly happy. With a stable acting career and being engaged to her fiance Wells Adams you’d definitely think so but, this isn’t always the case.

Hyland is open about living with kidney dysplasia–a chronic illness that she’s been tirelessly fighting all her life. The actress spoke to People about the struggles she has to go through every day. Hyland starts off with an inspiring message to those willing to listen telling the news outlet:

“Everything happens for a reason. [Struggles are] only going to make you a stronger and more efficient person.”

The actress went through a kidney transplant procedure back in 2012. But years later the kidney — donated by her father — was being rejected by her body.

“When I found out, there was a nice cocktail of guilt, fear and a kind of hopelessness,” Hyland emotionally shares. “But also it was like, okay, this is now a part of your life.”

And indeed, her struggled might even be credited for bringing her and Adams together. The Modern Family star reveals that the state of her health is actually the secret behind their strong relationship.

“I had all these health issues at the very beginning of our relationship and then I was on massive amounts of painkillers in the hospital FaceTiming him at all hours of the day and night,” Hyland reveals with a laugh. “He still liked me after that!”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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