Samsung isn’t giving up on Galaxy Fold, release date to be announced

Samsung is set to announce the date of its Galaxy Fold in the coming weeks. This comes after the tech device company delayed its initial April 26 US debut for damage control measures.

Even with the horrendous reviews and reported damages, Samsung isn’t giving up on Fold. Doing so, after all, would be akin to admitting defeat. And that won’t fare well for their reputation as one of the world’s most innovative brands.

According to reports from CNET, a spokesperson for the major brand wrote in a statement: “We will announce timing in the coming weeks.”

Samsung refrained from giving out specific details about the Fold launch time frame. However, this statement is an affirmation that the major electronics brand is set to make Fold available to the market any time soon.

On April 22, Samsung was forced to take a pause from launching its $1980 luxury device.
The review units were plagued with the kind of damages one would expect from an innovative but risky concept. Breaks and flickering on the screen and bulges beneath it were reported in Galaxy Fold reviews.

Last month, Samsung mobile exec DJ Koh said the US launch for the device “will not be too late”.

The delay is unusual for the multinational brand that is known for a consistent track record when it comes to release and launch dates. However, damage control is the matter when it comes to Galaxy Fold. The question remains, would customer still cash out $2000 for the Fold even after Samsung has made reinforcements to its display?

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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