Russia warns the US to not take military action against Syria

Russia has warned the US to not take any military action regarding the chemical attack in Syria. Vasily Nebenzya, Moscow’s UN envoy, asks that the US to refrain from the plans that they are currently developing regarding the attacks onto Syria. Mr Nebenzya warned Washington that they will bear the responsibility regarding any illegal military ventures that they carry out.

Regardless of the warnings, Western nations such as France and the UK have agreed to work collaboratively to target those responsible for the chemical attack in Douma. Emmanuel Macron, the French President, stated that the air strikes that would take place would target the Syrian Government chemical facilities.

The US President Donald Trump promised that Syria would be met with a forceful response. His outrage on the issue has seen him take to Twitter once again to vent to the world. Russia has military jets in Syria and stated that any missiles that would be launched from the Western countries would be shot down. Trump responded via Twitter saying that they will be met with the new and fast missiles of the US.

President Trump’s warning of the interference via Twitter sparked discussion between the Kremlin and news stations.  The Kremlin stated that it does not participate in “Twitter diplomacy”. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, was quoted saying that there should be a great deal of care taken to not escalate the current situation regarding Syria. He said that the Kremlin supports serious approaches and that they continue to believe that it is important to not take steps to further harm a situation that is already fragile.

Rescue workers and medics say that hundreds of people have died from the suspected chemical attack on the town of Douma that is currently held by rebels. President Bashar al-Assad denies that they were behind the chemical attack that took place. It is also interesting to note that his government receives military support from Russia.

President Trump is already being accused by the Russian public of potentially starting World War 3. The president and his Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, have both cancelled their travel plans this week to focus on the situation regarding Syria. His cancelled trip doesn’t just suggest that there will be a strike but rather a larger military operation could be in the midst.

Daniel Baguley
Daniel Baguley
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