Rosario Dawson casually comes out as bisexual in interview

Rosario Dawson is finally addressing the question people were asking from a post she made during 2018 Pride Month.

In a sit-down with Bustle, the 40-year-old actress talked about boyfriend and former US presidential candidate Cory Booker while casually coming out as a bisexual woman.

Many fans have speculated that the actress came out back in 2018 when she posted on her Instagram celebrating Pride Month with the caption “Happy pride month! Sending love to my fellow lgbtq+ homies.”

Dawson explained that a lot of people kept on assuming that she came out with that post, which the actress still adamantly denies the accuracy of the public’s speculation, adding that it was not accurate of her coming out back in 2018, now she is. Dawson added that she has not had a relationship ‘in that space’, expounding on the fact that she never felt it being authentic to her to represent it openly in public.

Regarding her boyfriend Cory Booker, the actress shared that this is the first time that she felt like she had to be more responsible regarding her choices when it comes to love and relationships which to her, is a very daunting task to do. Dawson also said that when you fall in love, you fall in love but one has another thing to consider which to her is emphasizing more on her family especially her daughter. Isabella, Dawson has also been open about being all in when it comes to supporting her boyfriend.

When Booker announced that he will be suspending his presidential bid, the actress went to Twitter and retweeted Booker’s tweet, adding that Booker is an inspiration to her on a daily basis and that she knows he will continue to do great things. Dawson’s adopted daughter is now 17 and has shared that they found the person in each other.

Dawson has also made the effort to better herself health-wise and is cleansing her body this year. In an interview with Women’s Health, the actress shared that she is taking a break from smoking weed and has made a conscious decision to stop drinking for the entire year after her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had surgery late last year. She opened up that she felt contaminated by our planet and her father’s current ordeal opened her eyes to be more healthy and have clarity at the same time.

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